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@Cmdr_Hadfield @NASA @csa_asc Please do consider releasing a Public statement condemning this along with past Astronauts as well. @MarcGarneau @RobertaBondar @AstroDaveMD @RobertThirsk

@MarcGarneau @RobertThirsk @RobertaBondar Four CSA legends over several decades have autographed this model rocket which I built and first launched as a boy in Iqaluit. Last week @Cmdr_Hadfield added his signature. Many more launches to come! @csa_asc

@joan_rollins @FlyingStronger @MarcGarneau @marcomendicino @MarcMillerVM @JustinTrudeau @TheCurrentCBC @CBCTheNational Looks like you are not in the news! There is a huge campaign to list IRGC in Canada. Liberal government refuse to do so. Its the Quds force, the foreign operation branch, that was listed.

@NewsWor61343463 @Ardeshirz @MelissaLantsman @MarcGarneau @JustinTrudeau @TheCurrentCBC @CBCTheNational @CanadianPM Bullshitt. "Here on the Cdn PM's behalf??"... WTAF*K are you talking about? The ignorance we (Seniors) read from newcomers to~ and agitators in~ CDA🇨🇦 is just astounding and ridiculous. Go home.

@Ardeshirz @FlyingStronger @MarcGarneau @marcomendicino @MarcMillerVM @JustinTrudeau @TheCurrentCBC @CBCTheNational Also, do the homework. Canada has already "classified the IRGC as a terrorist entity.", some years ago. You didn't know this?!

@Ardeshirz @FlyingStronger @MarcGarneau @marcomendicino @MarcMillerVM @JustinTrudeau @TheCurrentCBC @CBCTheNational Also, the "CanadianGovt" was busy that day, as usual. You're in Canada now, from #Iran no less! Your people don't have ANY freedom to protest, anywhere! And NO, in no way do (we) like to see hamas showing their nasty masked faces here. So, mind your own business.

@Ardeshirz @FlyingStronger @MarcGarneau @marcomendicino @MarcMillerVM @JustinTrudeau @TheCurrentCBC @CBCTheNational Perhaps you aren't aware that under the Canadian #CharterOfRights the People (whoever they are) have the freedom to *peacefully* protest in public space, in a non-violent manner & in compliance with the country's laws. Sorry, eh. Do you live here?

@Ardeshirz @MarcGarneau @marcomendicino @MarcMillerVM @GarnettGenuis @MelissaLantsman @jamesbezan @JustinTrudeau @TheCurrentCBC @CBCTheNational @Sentinel_2500 The United Kingdom can label the IRGC a terror organization tomorrow but refuse because the tories who are in power right now are greedy want the mullahs money

@Ardeshirz @MarcGarneau @marcomendicino @MarcMillerVM @GarnettGenuis @MelissaLantsman @jamesbezan @JustinTrudeau @TheCurrentCBC @CBCTheNational Canada is an enemy of freedom. Trudeau, Biden and other leaders of the western world want Iranians to give up on the revolution and just be enslaved by the mullahs forever and ever.

@M2DAIZH @Ardeshirz @MarcGarneau @marcomendicino @MarcMillerVM @GarnettGenuis @MelissaLantsman @jamesbezan @JustinTrudeau @TheCurrentCBC @CBCTheNational You don't see the difference between some old farts on hogs and these terrorists? If that's the case then you have other issues bro...