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*threw. Spell checkers are dumb.­čśá

Walk in the Spirit and you can tread on snakes, crush their head and restore what was God's to his Children. Only God can take a lump of coal and make it shine. The Devil doesn't own what he through away. Ask God not to waste His gifts on swine, rather accept them no matter what!

@MikeLeB73212267 @DunningsBooger @hexnoir @JaneQCitizen @FrankieSaysNews @hot_afa *lambs not land. Damn autocorrect and no edit options. @TwitterSupport when are you going to give us an edit button. ­čśô­čĄú

@MikeLeB73212267 @DunningsBooger @hexnoir @JaneQCitizen @FrankieSaysNews @hot_afa Don't underestimate the sheep. Sheep have guardians and shepherds that don't lead their land to slaughter like Chris does to his flock. By the way, Chris refers to his followers as idiots and fools, useful idiots. There's receipts. Internet is forever.

@DunningsBooger @hexnoir @JaneQCitizen @FrankieSaysNews @hot_afa That's not Satan. I know who Satan is, and that's not him. Pentecost Sunday is this week, and I have one question for you. Who's your Daddy? Soon, creepy goat, soon. Repent! Repent! Repent!

@DunningsBooger All the customers complain about the 3oz Chicago Tube Steak. Sources say it's flaccid and leaves you with horrible after-taste-shame-regret, in your mouth, especially.

@DunningsBooger @hexnoir @JaneQCitizen @FrankieSaysNews @hot_afa Please read the following: "Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour. The Power of Christ compels you, the Power of Christ you, the Power of Christ compels you. Have a nice day. PS Jesus is Lord PPS The flies don't even like your Pea Soup! ­čĄ«

I think Booger needs a new Director of Marketing & Writing. Look at the mess dammit. Don Cherry's nachos could feed a family of four. With a name like Booger, I imagine that finger food, right? Vegan?

@jayleno @PeninsulaHotels My old friend Pete Gesner would love this car.

@CoachsCornerDC Don Cherry knows how to wear plaid. Period! And, technically, so does Ashley MacIssac; and everyone else who saw him on Letterman that horrible night. 'You're a genius boy, have some dignity. You coulda been the next Johnny Carson. Irregardless, I still like you and Leno more.'

Hi! I'm new to Twitter. What's it like here? #whitey­čĄô