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Ion knock no hustle, as long as you ain't robbing nb , stealing sb shit, or on some weird shit involving children then do your thing.

I really hate that, especially bc the ones who were taken really took care of they kids 🥺…

Took me so long to braid toot hair 😭 it's pretty though

Cause baby don't call me a girl or a female. I'm a grown ass woman.

It's even more annoying when they say, men/man while saying female/s. Men are always accurately identified so why can't y'all identify us as women bc females can literally be any animal, insect or creature.…

@ForeverLynn2 Also, youtube and Pinterest girl , I had to try a few different things 😭

@ForeverLynn2 I do a twist out to let it dry for the most part since my baby only 3 and ion really wanna use the blow dryer but her hair is very thick 😭you can't stretch it while doing the twist out so it won't draw up.

Free my mfn man fr. I'm so tired of not being able to go get in his bed and escape. 😭

Ok, i'm never gone say nothing bc when God sends me a worthy man let me tell youuuu 😭🥰…

Corporate bae. 😌🤑 God literally don't play bout me.

I looked so damn good per usual and no pics per usual lol

had a great night, time to cuddle my babyyyyyy

Nothing, hiding eating my ice cream 😭😭😭

LMFAO Rose thought they was robbing them 😭😂 #TheNightAgent

So many other ways to go about shit.

One thing I can count on is an excuse from this mf. 😭

They said girls who had little ponytails was so mean in school 🤣🤣

@_ffprincess Not his villian origin story 😭😩

This how in love I wanna be 😭😂😩 lol my man my man my mannnnn…

We bout to start wearing pink every Wednesday 😭😂🥰

Why would they think Lauren is dead if they know they ain't k ill her.

my baby acting like she too busy to cuddle with her mommy 🙄

My grandparents passed on the same day 8 yrs apart 3.4.15 & 3.4.23 ❤️🕊️

My hair grew back quick af on you bald headed hoes 😍😂

I'm a girls girl, a woman's woman 💐🌻