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This thread launches from a story by @NickCastele, whose work is top rate, bc it involves two components: a news outlet & the leadership fund. He didn’t write the story I’m talking about. So please don’t read a critique of his work into my critique of a different story.

@cyclingcasi The sense I get is that the city hall heating system is sort of an uncontrollable creature

@VeganBrisket @NickCastele @andy_geronimo That’s for the court to decide. In the meantime you follow the rules or your mic gets cut. The first amendment doesn’t mean you get to say anything wherever and however you want. The judge will decide if the rules violate someone’s right to impugn individual councilmen by name.

@NickCastele So how does this square with us being a “green” city on a blue lake? It wasn’t even that cold today!

@VeganBrisket @NickCastele @andy_geronimo Yes, true, in the right venue you can have that discussion. When you’re participating in a public meeting, you should follow the rules.

@MaryBeth71707 @NickCastele @andy_geronimo The Constitution seems to be the ultimate governance rule book. It starts w them.

@NickCastele So the city is going to take the property via the land bank and spend a ton to clean it up just to let it sit until a company which may or may not exist chooses to locate at this specific site in the second poorest American city?

@NickCastele @andy_geronimo People don’t know how to follow simple rules. I’m sick of people thinking public meetings are their personal soapbox.

@NickCastele fwiw, i was born at St. Luke’s on the east side

Cleveland City Council sued for cutting off a public commenter's microphone.…

@NickCastele Remember that whole conversation about deferred maintenance in city buildings? unfortunately this is not an outlier: City buildings have two modes: Tahiti and Antartica and nothing in-between.

Cuyahoga County Council talked about using the ruined National Acme site as a possible alternate home for a new county jail. It turns out the City of Cleveland is taking the property and plans to redevelop it.…

@NickCastele good thing there’s working water fountains for public use in that building. oh wait. stay hydrated

I predict there will be some sweating in the hot seat at Cleveland City Council today, if only because the heat is blasting like a sauna in here.

Your first December dose of Weekly Chatter: 🏭 Cleveland scoops up part of passed-over Cuyahoga County jail site 💸 Bibb welcomes crypto event to town 🗳️ East Side statehouse race heats up…

@weingart2022 It’s a win because he got what he wanted. Whether it’s a worthwhile win is a different matter.

@signalcleveland @MayorBibb @NickCastele Castele should've gone in there in a matching slim-fit suit.

@weingart2022 @NickCastele I don't think nick is taking sides here more pointing out that Chris Ronayne took a side and it appears people are at least interested in hearing him out

@NickCastele You really see this as a “win”? With all challenges Ronayne has left unaddressed, focusing on the contract of a successful non-profit leader seems pretty small-minded, which is what Cuyahoga County residents have come to expect from county “leadership”.

Halfway through his term, #Cleveland @MayorBibb talked with @signalcleveland's @NickCastele about voter-passed police reforms, Browns Stadium negotiations, Gaza protests at council meetings, and more. Read it here: #Browns #ClevelandMayor

@NickCastele @signalcleveland Where is the interview? I just see select quotes.

NOACA board delays a decision on its CEO's contract extension. The vote was a win for Cuyahoga County Executive Chris Ronayne and exposed divisions on the influential transportation agency's board.…

@NickCastele Can you provide the list of how each member voted?

@NickCastele @signalcleveland Police reform commission doesn’t work and school district is broke. But solutions are to start other oversight groups and to finance big toys for the wealthy. Sounds like he’d rather be in the board room than public office.

@NickCastele @signalcleveland and your buddies make the Ratners choice our Mayor and then you have carefully fettered access? Halfway we have nothing better... just wasted time with your accolades Disgusting excuses for journalistls and 'news' sources.

A split NOACA board votes to postpone the contract discussion until the January meeting.…

While most end-of-year media chats are filled with canned answers, @NickCastele breaks news with the mayor - who opens door to reforming police reform he championed.…

@NickCastele @signalcleveland He's finally facing reality on issue 24. As you know Nick, I've always said that throwing money at cops won't solve the problem. The system in this form is unworkable. 9 cadets graduate today. 8 are in the next academy. How long till CPD can't function? Something gotta give.

Some news from our interview with Mayor Justin Bibb: * Mayor "open to some amendments" to police reform Issue 24 in coming years * "Challenging choices" coming on CMSD budget * Bibb responds to criticism from protesters against the war in Gaza…