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⚡ Three-vehicle collision closes Eastport Drive north of Beach Boulevard. 👉… | Hamilton #HamOnt | Nicole O'Reilly reporting @NicoleatTheSpec Two women in life-threatening condition after Eastport Drive crash

@TheSpec @NicoleatTheSpec There's still lot's of accidents on the Red Hill. It's the speed ppl drive and the on ramps are to short.ppl don't know how to merge.

@TheSpec @NicoleatTheSpec The person responsible deserves jail time !!

@TheSpec @NicoleatTheSpec The dirt bag that hid the reports better go to jail Allegedly he switched cities to avoid reprimand So he’s still living it up even though his deliberate negligence cost multiple people their lives ARREST HIM!! @HPSActionUnit @HamiltonPolice @OPP_HSD @RCMPONT

@TheSpec @NicoleatTheSpec Kudos to the Spec for sticking to their investigation! Kept kicking the darkness until it started bleeding daylight. Sunlight 🌞 is the best disinfectant. The new City Manager has a major cleanup ahead of them. Hopefully, they’re up to the task.

@TheSpec @NicoleatTheSpec My facebook "memories" repeatedly remind me that I called out this road as unsafe the very first time I drove on it.

Families’ unwavering belief in Red Hill Valley Parkway safety concerns vindicated… Inquiry confirms ‘relatively low friction’ on RHVP — long-cited by victims’ loved ones as an issue, @NicoleatTheSpec reports #HamOnt

UPDATE: A shelter in place order on Sixth Line in Ohsweken has been lifted after an “active shooter” incident was resolved without injury, says Six Nations Police.… Nicole O’Reilly reports | @NicoleatTheSpec

Six Nations Police are asking residents on Sixth Line in Ohsweken to shelter in place because of a barricaded person who police say fired shots in the area.… Nicole O'Reilly reports | @NicoleatTheSpec

Hamilton police arrested two teens and seized a loaded Glock handgun, extended magazine and fentanyl after a citizen reported seeing a male with a gun in Stoney Creek.… Nicole O’Reilly reports | @NicoleatTheSpec

A Superior court judge found low friction likely contributed to crashes on the Red Hill before the road was repaved in 2019 — and so did a senior city manager’s “misconduct” in withholding a study… @Mattatthespec | @NicoleatTheSpec reporting

@TheSpec @Mattatthespec @NicoleatTheSpec Biggest waste of tax dollars in history. Didn't need a study to know the problem @AndreaHorwath @FredEisenberger

⚡ Long-awaited Red Hill Valley Parkway report released Wednesday… ‘Relatively low’ friction likely contributed to Red Hill Valley Parkway crashes, says judge in judicial probe #HamOnt @Mattatthespec & @NicoleatTheSpec report

Man rescued from Melbourne Street fire is expected to make full recovery… Fire marshal probing blaze, @NicoleatTheSpec reports #HamOnt

Red Hill Valley Parkway has reopened following fatal crash… A pedestrian, whose disabled vehicle was found on the side of the road, was hit by a transport truck, @NicoleatTheSpec reports #HamOnt

Brantford police are offering a $10,000 reward for information that helps solve the 2016 homicide of Jeffrey James Roberts, @NicoleatTheSpec reports…

It was like watching a movie. @NicoleatTheSpec speaks to a witness in the first act of a string of erratic driving in Hamilton that involved two vehicles, donuts in a park and ended with a transport truck into a house on Soho Street…

Hamilton police have charged a 44-year-old man with arson after a smouldering recycling bin was found next to a gas meter at the First Unitarian Church last month, @NicoleatTheSpec reports…

@TheSpec @NicoleatTheSpec Meth or crack related because weed doesn't attract drive by shootings. Also willing to bet the shooters pick rap as their music of choice.

No one was hurt in a drive-by shooting at a house in the Hamilton Beach community Tuesday night, @NicoleatTheSpec reports…

A Hamilton man faces multiple charges after a string of “alarming” events that ended with a transport truck crashing into a house on the Mountain and the suspect barricading himself inside a residence, @NicoleatTheSpec reports…

@TheSpec @NicoleatTheSpec This guy basically plays IRL Grand Theft Auto, twice, and still no mention of suspending his license?

‘Alarming’ events ended with transport truck crashed into Hamilton Mountain residence and man barricaded in another home… Man, 41, arrested after second erratic driving spree in two weeks, @NicoleatTheSpec reports #HamOnt

A @HamiltonPolice officer convicted of assault has lodged a grievance for a lost promotion that threatens to delay his disciplinary hearing, @NicoleatTheSpec reports…