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@ccleighton @Billius27 @ONThealth @SylviaJonesMPP @fordnation @OntHumanRights I want to know how what we are doing now is not a violation of human rights. My health is being deliberatey put at risk even in health care settings.

@ONThealth @ONgov @SeniorsON @ChildrenON @OntarioHealthOH @ONeducation @ONlongtermcare You don’t have to say it. People here can tell: -Mask up. N95 or better. Make sure it fits well. -Ventilate your spaces. -Advocate for better air filtration. -Test You’re welcome.

@ONThealth @ONgov @SeniorsON @ChildrenON @OntarioHealthOH @ONeducation @ONlongtermcare Cover your mouth with your arm when you cough/sneeze? And no specific mention of COVID? Is that the best you can do @ONThealth?

PLEASE JOIN THIS PROTEST IF YOU CAN! Universal, accessible healthcare for everyone in #Canada, especially #Ontario, is so crucial and LITERALLY saves lives!.. Don't let the CONs take that away from us. #onpoli #OntHealth #cndpoli…

@ONThealth @ONgov @SeniorsON @ChildrenON @OntarioHealthOH @ONeducation @ONlongtermcare You know it's fall now, right? Your recommendations on COVID boosters still just says recommendations will be released "closer to fall"

@ONThealth @KFLAPH @ONgov @SeniorsON @ChildrenON @OntarioHealthOH @ONeducation @ONlongtermcare Most of all: WEAR A MASK in indoor public spaces. Why? #CovidIsAirborne You are catching it from the shared air of people’s exhalations - not the doorknob!! #MaskUp And then wash your hands to prevent all kinds of other stuff that is on that doorknob. #FordFailedOntario

🚩2023 #LivingGuideline Update🚩 42 pediatric #concussion experts from 🇨🇦&🇺🇸 have reviewed latest evidence & reached consensus #PedsConcussion updates include: 👉 NEW Return to Sport (adapted from the 6th CISG) & School Protocols… @ONThealth @CHEO @UofT

@ONThealth @ONgov @SeniorsON @ChildrenON @OntarioHealthOH @ONeducation @ONlongtermcare No mention of wearing an N95 or equivalent mask in places with shared air. Congratulations, you're continuing to fail at public health.

@ONThealth i have done all that should not have to do it over and over fix the service many docs are reporting the same issue

@cyberdoc54 Hi there - For server related issues regarding clinical viewers, please contact Ontario Health Service Centre Support by phone at 1-866-250-1554 or by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.

@ONThealth @ONgov @SeniorsON @ChildrenON @OntarioHealthOH @ONeducation @ONlongtermcare "Cover your mouth with your arm?" Great, because that will almost certainly keep airborne pathogens from being released into the air won't it? Wtf is wrong with you, @ONThealth ?

Its a bit confusing @ONThealth for the trillium drug program do i need to send the documents by mail even after I have emailed them?

@ONThealth @ONgov @SeniorsON @ChildrenON @OntarioHealthOH @ONeducation @ONlongtermcare Well forgot to add Masking to list of suggestions for reducing infection..shameful.

@ONThealth tge MOH server with regard to Connecting On is down it is not a browser but a server problem. plz correct it it impedes our clinical work thank you

Why @ONThealth @fordnation @SylviaJonesMPP can no one get a specialist appointment anymore? I’ve been denied by 5 specialists for the same reason. The waitlists are long as anything. This isn’t healthcare. This is deplorable. Your not “for the people”. Your for yourselves.

Another question, why is @ONThealth still paying for covaxon?

If you suspect #WestNileVirus: - reach out to your health care provider - contact your local #PublicHealth unit - use Health811 for 24/7 nurse advice & info Watch for symptoms like fever, headache, body ache, rash, nausea & more.

@MrKen_ @ONThealth just keep making appointments and dont show up , if they ask tell them your myocarwhatsis flared up

September is #SickleCellAwarenessMonth. #SickleCellDisease is an inherited health condition affecting red blood cells. Treatment can manage symptoms and help those with SCD live a full, active life. Learn more:…

@ONThealth connecting on clinical viewer is down - it is not a browser issue- it is a server problem. fixing it and monitoring would be great. thank you

@cli_college @ONThealth @ONgov @SeniorsON @ChildrenON @OntarioHealthOH @ONeducation @ONlongtermcare Except it’s actually misinformation. Covid is airborne so wear a mask and improve ventilation

@Mudakuntweets @ONThealth @ONgov @SeniorsON @ChildrenON @OntarioHealthOH @ONeducation @ONlongtermcare Plus Someone else earlier pointed out these people are actually washing dishes not their hands lol!

@ONThealth @ONgov @SeniorsON @ChildrenON @OntarioHealthOH @ONeducation @ONlongtermcare Are you kidding me? Respiratory viruses are spread through the air. Wearing a mask is the best way to protect yourself and others yet you don’t mention it at all? Jones and Moore should resign or be fired

@ONThealth @ONgov @SeniorsON @ChildrenON @OntarioHealthOH @ONeducation @ONlongtermcare Lol they're washing dishes Where's the actual advice to reduce your risk of infection from an airborne virus? Vaccines don't prevent infection. Staying home is after infection. Handwashing for airborne virus? Cover mouth doesn't help you reduce your risk. MASKING not mentioned.

@ONThealth @ONgov @SeniorsON @ChildrenON @OntarioHealthOH @ONeducation @ONlongtermcare Wear. A. Mask. As a ministry of health, maybe you might want to try recommending the appropriate mitigations for an airborne disease?

@ONThealth @ONgov @SeniorsON @ChildrenON @OntarioHealthOH @ONeducation @ONlongtermcare How about “wear a mask” keep yourself &others safer COVID is airborne.Washing hands is great but… I think all of Ontario Health is controlled by @fordnation #FraudyFord.They don’t want to acknowledge COVID.Pathetic that we have such a weak @ONThealth controlled by politicians

@ONThealth @ONgov @SeniorsON @ChildrenON @OntarioHealthOH @ONeducation @ONlongtermcare Cover your mouth with your arm? Wear a damn mask. Stop putting people's lives and health at risk with sub-par messaging that fails to adequately convey the risks of COVID. #CleanTheAir

@Billius27 She listened to the advice of scientists and experts who provided her with up to date guidance while Kieran Moore @ONThealth @SylviaJonesMPP @fordnation choose not to. This harms the vulnerable especially @OntHumanRights Time for that S. 31 OHRC inquiry!