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@SavageSports_ Not even close. Manning’s in SB42 and Roethlisberger’s in 43 is far better. There’s multiple dropped picks in this drive including on the most famous play of the drive.

@BarryOnHere Sanchez also beat Brady in Foxboro

@BR_OpenIce Its weird seeing "Sid the Kid" depicted as an old man

How are NFL analysts consistently ranking Cleveland above Pittsburgh? There’s no rationale.

@WrestlingWCC Cody would never recover if he lost this match.

@BarryOnHere Reminds me of the Dr. Phil girl

@AdamSchefter There’s no reason this team shouldn’t win 13 games

WWE really fumbled not signing Jay White.

@FanDuel False. That 6 year stretch by AB is the best of any receiver in NFL history.

@BarstoolBurgh Yet Arians/Haley/Fichtner wouldn’t trust him with a sneak on 3rd and inches

@Pipes2001 @WrestleOps @HeymanHustle @WWERomanReigns Maybe not bloodline but reigns is in his name. Guess they saved the “reigns” for the heel switch 🤷🏾‍♂️

@WrestleOps @HeymanHustle @WWERomanReigns There’s no way the Bloodline storyline was pre-planned in 2018

Shohei Ohtani is the best Japanese athlete not named Kazuchika Okada.

@Pipes2001 @StevenCheah Same here seen it Thursday I didn't get all the hype

@StatsGuyDaniel A-Rob very well may be their worst receiver

@ButtCrackSports 2005 Roethlisberger made this throw 3 times a game

@BillMelugin_ The guy who’s already did it once before

@WrestleOps Does he know how far away that is

@steelers @JoeyMulinaro This duo is going to be killer for years.

@fashion_nfl Tom Brady is unironically the least talented quarterback in this picture

@Jome253 @Pipes2001 @Bub3m16 @McGuireShow he will probably have 4 matches the next 6 months. Crown Jewell, SS, RR, and Mania. This storyline has only begun!

@danielgoodwin__ @Pipes2001 @Bub3m16 @McGuireShow I’ve enjoyed the run more often than not but I still feel Cody should have won at WM39. I’m not sure it will still be entertaining with Roman as champ for another two years. I actually am more interested in the story they tell when he isn’t champion anymore.

@Jome253 @Pipes2001 @Bub3m16 @McGuireShow That fraud Cody should fight and keep losing or go for Seth’s tittle if he really wants to complete his so called story.