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@B44Willy @Pr0d_Dr0gan @alexismorgan It’s just incentivize being one of the worst.

@Logan_Blaisdell @Pr0d_Dr0gan @NBAMemes I know, never said that. Also just confused on why the refs would only review like 5 minutes later But hey, I was rooting for Boston.

@RovNathan @Pr0d_Dr0gan @NBAMemes But he stepped out, his foot is clearly on the line 🧐

@Pr0d_Dr0gan @shishkebabs11 @WiLLns23 @LegionHoops Reggie miller played 18 seasons as the best player in Pacers history. Rose didn’t play a full 7 seasons with the Bulls.

@kidnapper_your @AcunasHair21 @Pr0d_Dr0gan @Nin3rswarri3rs @BleacherReport I’m confused Cubs won in 2016?! What are the other two? Blackhawks?

@AcunasHair21 @Pr0d_Dr0gan @stevekim1228 @Nin3rswarri3rs @BleacherReport Tell me how many you won outside of last year in this decade? Pretty sad that 3 is bigger than 2

@RZShogun13 @Pr0d_Dr0gan @BradenBrowner @MyPaintBoi @RiseUpReader .... and your point is irrelevant when Mariota is still Starting 🀑🀑🀑

@Pr0d_Dr0gan @AtlantaFalcons @AlfordGlo4 Honestly nah cuz that’s every chance they’ll be blind and just be like oh this guys been here 4 years, Alfords a rookie in the nfl so why start him that’s the idiotic shit that goes through minds of nfl ownership/HC

@Pr0d_Dr0gan @alexismorgan That’s the whole point of the change. To de-incentivize being the worst team in the league.

@B44Willy @alexismorgan I still think the worst team should have the highest chance for the pick tho, instead it's a 3 way tie between 2 or 3 teams lol

@Pr0d_Dr0gan @alexismorgan Correct. Most people don’t realize the lottery odds changing have made it completely random.

@alexismorgan the worst team doesn't even get the #1 pick anymore lmao

@AcunasHair21 @kidnapper_your @Pr0d_Dr0gan @Nin3rswarri3rs @BleacherReport Chicago is a poor mans Atlanta and don’t even get me started on the bum state of Illinois🀣🀣🀣

@Pr0d_Dr0gan @NBAMemes Because when the heat was down 2, instead of that they would've been up by 1 which means the Celtics would've fouled.

@Pr0d_Dr0gan @BrianBohannon7 Well based on their performances and statistics so far they're about average to below average. So I guess they're okay, but they probably benefit from not having to play in shootouts every week.

@TheHoopCentral @StatsWilliams let's be real, nobody here expected Danny Green to be at the end of that sentence

@Pr0d_Dr0gan @BrianBohannon7 True but at least by PFF's standards, OL are graded by how quickly, or not as quickly, they get beat on their assignments. Falcons actually have a Top 5 Pass Blocking OL when not including PA, RPOs, or Rollouts. The unit is crazily improved and it's not just Mariota's mobility.

@JSMiller7492 @BrianBohannon7 biggest surprise was Johnathan Taylor being nonexistent this season πŸ’€ also the defense is not that bad, they're pretty decent

@JSMiller7492 @BrianBohannon7 well it's harder for him to evade sacks due to lack of mobility, hence making it a harder job for o-linemen

@Pr0d_Dr0gan @BrianBohannon7 Still he is playing well in spite of all that. Not Elite by any means, but he's at the very least average. A lot of people thought that that's all the Colts would need from him, but the OL, Defense, and (surprisingly) running game are some of the worst he's ever played with.