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@SibDMDL @JosiahTimp Better be shooting straight tom big dawg. I still need to go Christmas shopping

@SibDMDL @JosiahTimp Nah the fool holding the plaque is a ankle snatcher Fosho 😂

@SibDMDL @JosiahTimp Bro I’m the leggings is me and nah I don’t. Get buckets however I want it and clamp up

@Mboopee @Subliners @SibDMDL I know high grain is GA’d, i meant grip as in underbarrel my b

@Zoults @Subliners @SibDMDL High grain is ga so all pros use grip

@JosiahTimp I know bro w the leggings is a pure slasher 😭😭😭

@Subliners @SibDMDL SOB is what they're going to do when they see you roll up with this class

@Subliners @SibDMDL Real ones have already been using this

@Subliners @SibDMDL Any info when the Subliners operator bundle will be in the store??