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Tip of the hat to Dr. Gareth Taylor, head of the major grants group at #LTRI @SinaiHealth who is retiring after 22 years. Gareth is the quiet, efficient brains behind a multitude of CFI/CRC/ORDCF/ORF grants that underpin great people & cutting edge cores. ­čźí

Humbled by this experience to chat with the gracious hosts of the "About Empathy" podcast. Thank you Drs. @gio_sirianni, @IYingTO, and Seccareccia for bringing attention to the unique needs and suffering of Asian immigrant families living with serious illness. @SinaiHealthÔÇŽ

Researchers at @SinaiHealth & @UofT have developed a technology that may one day eliminate the need for immunosuppressive drugs in transplant patients.

Emily Liu, @queensu student and summer research student @SinaiHealth, presenting her poster at #CCCF2023

@cafreeland Have you seen the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute (@SinaiHealth) in this weekÔÇÖs #RCUpdate? Read about how their scientists have created ÔÇťcloakedÔÇŁ donor cell and tissue grafts that escape rejection by the immune system:ÔÇŽ

LetÔÇÖs get to the heart of the matter: the physical and mental health burden of caregiving for CV patientsÔÇŽ A pleasure to comment on an important­čôŁ led by @chelseavmoran et al:ÔÇŽ @NathanStall @UofT_dlsph @SinaiHealth @CJCJournals

@LeachKathleen @SinaiHealth Congratulations to you & your daughter, Kathleen! If you would like to formalize your feedback, we encourage you to connect with our Patient Relations team via the Patient and Family Feedback form here:, or you may email directly [email protected]

Vibrations echoed the halls of Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital for the second Annual Bundle Feast Ceremony that brought together sacred Bundles and their caretakers from nine Toronto hospitals. Read the full story:

Passing by the office of our abdominal radiologist and the host of our podcast Radiologists Dr. Satheesh Krsihna @SatheeshToronto Catch all the episodes here Ô×í´ŞĆ @HeidiSchmidtRad @CARadiologists @kielar_ania @UHN @pmcancercentre @bradwouters @SinaiHealth

This cross-sectional study used data from the Ontario Birth Study (OBS) (@SinaiHealth) to investigate associations of pandemic exposure with neurocognitive and socioemotional development at 24 and 54 months of age.

Six of our IfP Members (from @SinaiHealth, @uoftmedicine, @APHDatOISE, @UofT_dlsph) published a cross-sectional study titled ÔÇťCognitive & Emotional Well-Being of Preschool Children Before & During the COVID-19 Pandemic.ÔÇŁ Link:ÔÇŽ

@kasie @CNNThisMorning @SinaiHealth in Toronto Canada was started because Jewish Doctors (1922) were not allowed to practice in other hospitals. #Antisemitism #NeverAgainIsNowÔÇŽ @chuckschumer

@SinaiHealth @UofTEngineering Desperately seeking an available bed in your centre for our father. Please let us know how to speed up the process or who we may contact. Many thanks.

@StopArabHate @SinaiHealth @SinaiHealth what kind of people have you employed??? You need to conduct an investigation into your policies.

Findings from a study by @UofTEngineering with the Rogers Hixon Ontario Human Milk Bank show how #machinelearning can improve fat and protein content in pooled donor #breastmilk (which can be life saving for critically ill preterm infants).

In India, Kenya, USA, Canada, I have Jewish friends, a family doctor, one in NYC, treated my wife pro bono at the request of a my obstetrician friend. My son born 3 months premature, spent the time at @SinaiHealth a Jewish foundation Why is Israel tarnishing their reputation?

@SinaiGeriatrics @SinaiHealth @RTO_Foundation @UHN @DrSamirSinha Another outstanding webinar on RSV and all the other Vaccines of importance to Older Adults 60+, by Dr. Samir Sinha of NIA, Sinai Health and UT. Hope that all the Canada Health leaders were listening and will implement the 9 RSV Recommendations across ALL of Canada.

It is very satisfying. When we have a patient with Heart Failure who gets recovery of LV function we try to celebrate their #HeartSuccess. Last week it was with Bubble Tea. @SinaiHealth #ItTakesATeamÔÇŽ

When you're in a busy clinic and your admin colleague brings in treats for the whole team. @SinaiHealth #HeartFunction #HeartSuccess

@SinaiHealth @RTO_Foundation @UHN @DrSamirSinha The RSV vaccine can cost up to $300. Some private plans may cover the cost. Only Ontario currently covers the vaccine for older adults living in the LTC and some retirement homes.

@SinaiHealth @RTO_Foundation @UHN @DrSamirSinha There are three unique #RSV vaccines. The only available one right now in Canada is the GSK (AREXVY). The other two are still currently submitted to Health Canada. However, all three vaccines have shown significant vaccine effectiveness.

@SinaiHealth @RTO_Foundation @UHN @DrSamirSinha Having any of these underlying chronic conditions can lead to more serious outcomes from the infection. And having the infection can worsen the chronic conditions.

@SinaiHealth @RTO_Foundation @UHN @DrSamirSinha Immune responses tend to be short-lived when it comes to RSV because you lose your immunity to it.

@SinaiHealth @RTO_Foundation @UHN @DrSamirSinha #RSV is a respiratory virus that usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms but can lead to more severe issues in older adults. It is more of a seasonal virus during the fall and winter, as we come closer indoors to each other when it becomes colder outside.

It was a dream come true to collaborate with @ScienceUpFirst to raise awareness about #AntimicrobialResistance! Many thanks to @ASP_Mark and the Antimicrobial Stewardship Team at @SinaiHealth and @UHN for their support in making this happen! #WAAW2023ÔÇŽ

Join us at the Life Science Vendor Show at L3-201-202-203, 60 MURRAY STREET BUILDING, Sinai Health Systems - Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute (Mount Sinai Hospital) on December 7, 2023, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Save the date for this exciting event! @SinaiHealth

@geri_doc Ken, as I think I told you in an email, I got that idea from the talk you gave when you visited us @SinaiHealth . Thanks

@SinaiHealth why is this company employing physicians who support racism and genocide - Dr Jennifer Hirsch