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@EtherAion @erik_schulze @OTKGameAwards @StarforgePCs @alanwake @baldursgate3 @finalfantasyxvi @insomniacgames @Nintendo And yet, despite all those issues, it still received perfect scores from critics, maintains Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam, and won the respective Game Awards from fans and critics. Clearly the issues weren't as major as some were making them out to be or it would have lost.

@StarforgePCs If Sweden was a pc 😂 looks amazing!

@IGN I hope the Single Player mode goes back to what @Warcraft 3 and before that had for a story line, with simple tasks to enjoy the story and learn to play RTS. Playing RTS games is not easy, and recently @Asmongold tried it with his @StarforgePCs m8s and he was overwhelmed.

@Snutztv @StarforgePCs You just won 50k playing a video game. Go ahead and purchase yourself one king 👑

@Tectone @StarforgePCs Damn that all u have to do? You know how much peen imma have to suck to get this?

@cyr Let us know when you want to help us design one 🤠

@StarforgePCs these just get better and better. IT KEEPS GOING YES. I LOVE IT.

@StarforgePCs I know it’s limited but that better come back in the future so I can get one. It looks so good!

@StarforgePCs That's one of the sauciest PCs I've ever laid my beady eyes upon!

@StarforgePCs I wish this was offered with the Voyager II Elite. 🥺

@StarforgePCs really hope you start doing ryzen builds outside of the 1000$ one on your site. also RX 7800 XT's. (with the upcoming ryzen 8000 desktop cpus