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@friendlyxspider @StreamOnMax I'm a capricorn so I'm very cold generally BUT I'm a borderline babe so I'm full of emotions

@RealTimers @billmaher @JamesCarville @RubinReport @HBO @StreamOnMax @CNN Sad that you believe the working class are so uneducated that they would not care about accomplishments of individuals. It requires intelligence to understand that innovation and exceptionalism creates markets and jobs. Agree on reinforcing education on American exceptionalism

@zemnianpancake @StreamOnMax @OurFlagOnMax The s1 one didn't have the original source, but I believe the second one must be from Alex

Didn’t expect to see @Graylanhagler on this series I’m watching on @StreamOnMax. The early 80s in Boston speaking about massive stop and frisk actions led by Boston Police against the Black community there. He’s been doing important justice work for a long time.

I wonder what made Buttons, with all his apparent seafaring experience, decide to sign on with Stede? #OFMD #OurFlagMeansDeath #RenewAsACrew @HBO @StreamOnMax @OurFlagOnMax

Day 53 tweeting about #HarryPotter to show what value I’d add to the @StreamOnMax Writer’s Room: The search for Ravenclaw’s diadem sheds SOME light on a fraught relationship, but a series focusing on Rowena and her daughter Helena would be interesting to see.

Good morning /afternoon / evening, CREW! Sounds like today is a good day to @StreamOnMax the hit pirate show #OurFlagMeansDeath - #RenewAsACrew and share with friends and family!…

Frenchie in S1E1 says “bottle it up” when Stede asks what they should do when they’ve suffered something devastating - a direct parallel to him saying he puts things in a box in his mind & locks it up in S2E1 #OFMD #OurFlagMeansDeath #RenewAsACrew @HBO @StreamOnMax @OurFlagOnMax

I'm streaming Our Flag Means Death AGAIN on @StreamOnMax sharing an account of a woman I barely know, but she said "please write down my login and stop crying" because I didn't want to call upon piracy (oh the irony) and ruin our chances of #RenewAsACrew.

With Season 2 set to hit HBO & Max screens in Summer 2024, here are new preview images for HBO & Showrunner Ryan Condal's #HouseOfTheDragon. / #HOTD #GOT @HBO @StreamOnMax @HouseofDragon @GameOfThrones 🔗…

I always thought it was a bit sinister when Jim wakes up in the cabin with Ivan standing guard in S1 E10. #OFMD #OurFlagMeansDeath #RenewAsACrew @HBO @StreamOnMax @OurFlagOnMax

“The Widow Bonnet’s undead groom” feels like Stede is saying he’s come back as a zombie #OFMD #OurFlagMeansDeath #RenewAsACrew @HBO @StreamOnMax @OurFlagOnMax

Does Stede ever tell any of the crew what happened to him to make him leave Ed at the end of season 1? Like, they all know how Ed was affected but do they even know (or want to know) Stede’s side of it all? #OFMD #OurFlagMeansDeath #RenewAsACrew @HBO @StreamOnMax @OurFlagOnMax

@StreamOnMax Can you please put Beyonce Documentary Renaissance A Film By Beyonce soon on the app please? 🙏🏿

I hope that Beyonce Documentary Renaissance A Film By Beyonce will also be on @paramountplus @DisneyPlus @StreamOnMax soon! Even though its playing in Theaters now! 💖🙏🏿

@bpdedwardteach @StreamOnMax @OurFlagOnMax He's going sideways though, which helps a little i guess 😅