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@celtics @jaytatum0 Almost time to show em what we got

@TitleTalkTCL @itsbostoncream In madden that year yeah they had him winning mvp year 1 every time

Shoutout to the 🐐 @PopCultureJunk2 who goes out of his way just to help other collectors! #TheRealMVP

Videos over photos for me. 😭 Videos are almost half of my gallery actually!

@Yoleka_Ntuli Iloss ye ManU is like iloss ye Chiefs, Uyabamba udlule unlike City loss. Abadliwe!😪😪😪🤣🤣🤣

@kayleighmcenany @LovingTrumpMAGA How come there's no option for u to leave politics?? Asking for America!!

Thank you God for another day 🙏🏾

@SergioAgueroSZN 6 city players got beaten in this clip and Phillips is the least at fault so blaming him is wild. All the other players should have done better.

@SergioAgueroSZN You're right Phillips should have done more. He should have run and tracked his man. Which was Gordon. If he would have tracked Isak he would have double marked Isak with Lewis and left Gordon free completely. Rico Lewis is 100% at fault. He literally jumped over the ball

My mom called and asked me if I was coming home for Thanksgiving, bc she’ll come here.. Oh no baby, we’re not that grown yet! 😂

@therealroseanne Will u pls talk shit on Scientologist in Clearwater????? PAALLLLEEASEE!?!?!?!

@stillgray @elonmusk @GermanyDiplo When r u going to figure this out?? Nobody is voted in, they are placed. Take the puppet master down and it all crumbles!!

@SamBlum3 If thats not a big F U to the team and fans.. This guys SUCKS at life


@TheDunkCentral To whoever runs this account: I think you and I both know good and well that Kendrick Perkins comes up with the most crazy, outlandish, bizarre, idiosyncratic, ludicrous, unrealistic, preposterous, irrational, illogical, imbecilic takes ever. Why even bother posting them here?

@NworaVibes Even though u a bucks fan, im a celtics fan, and our teams are by far the 2 biggest favorites in the east, i have to agree. this is absolute music to my ears.

@CelticsMuse 2K NEVER fails to take our money somehow. Still some bullshit. Stop fucking with us ronnie

@FanMahome No its Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum (Left to right)