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@Philipraymond17 @ladygaga @taylorswift13 @VancityReynolds @garthbrooks @trishayearwood @elonmusk @DonateLife @ARMY @MikeBloomberg @JeffreeStar @KimKardashian @JessicaSimpson @BidenCancer @DollyParton @pulte @TheEllenShow you get some rest I don’t want you too tired now that we’re friends I really need you to fight please so you can get up eat protein drink protein shakes with fresh beets eat edibles so you can get a appetite try walking, your wife can walk with you I’m depending on you 😔🥲

@Philipraymond17 @ladygaga @taylorswift13 @VancityReynolds @garthbrooks @trishayearwood @elonmusk @DonateLife @ARMY @MikeBloomberg @JeffreeStar @KimKardashian @JessicaSimpson @BidenCancer @DollyParton @pulte @TheEllenShow Don’t know anything about black mold I was trying to think if something in the house or water just trying to make sense, remember Trump allowing big companies to pollute Michigan water, there’s also been a green liquid oozing onto the expressway in the suburb🤢🤮🤑

Tweeting @TheEllenShow every day until she notices us. Is threr a worl where you and i can be friends, elln

@Philipraymond17 @ladygaga @taylorswift13 @VancityReynolds @garthbrooks @trishayearwood @elonmusk @DonateLife @ARMY @MikeBloomberg @JeffreeStar @KimKardashian @JessicaSimpson @BidenCancer @DollyParton @pulte @TheEllenShow I forgot the name of the cancer it started in her knee she was in a lot of pain swollen after the X-ray she had some in her chest & shoulder they’re giving her chemo shrinking it then the rest remove with surgery her knee went down & she’s In better spirits