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@krbcan @TheFrankDomenic The carrot are from Ontario. That’s the point of the video.

@TheFrankDomenic I can hardly understand why he’d refuse to engage in discourse, you seem extremely composed and civil

@TheFrankDomenic Time to boycott this idiots chain. Stop buying from anything Weston's from now on.

Hamilton to lose 200 LTC beds as a private LTC company would rather close down than expand. Privatization does not work in healthcare, especially when dealing with vulnerable populations. Private companies only want profit, not to care. #ontario #onpoli #onthealth #dougford

@TheFrankDomenic @KateMinor2 @patriciaorpat For clarity, CIBC estimated in 2017 that a 31.6% increase in min wage could be completely offset by Loblaws by a 0.4% increase in retail prices Which does not at all explain the exaggerated inflation on essential food and goods

@TheFrankDomenic @KateMinor2 @patriciaorpat Also I'm sorry for chiming in this late. I just saw the post on my tl

Canada if you're really real, let's make this happen.

@TheFrankDomenic @KateMinor2 @patriciaorpat This has been debunked by banks Yes labour is a significant expense for any business. However, when it comes to groceries, labour accounts only for a fraction of the cost. Billionaires' accumulation of wealth, on the other hand...…

@TheFrankDomenic I’m amazed by the comments by Canadians defending the grocery stores that are robbing them. Similar to how abused prostituted get to a point where they start defending their abusing pimps. Canadians are sad and like to import sad people as well. Their prime minister is a clown 🤡

@TheFrankDomenic There is absolutely no way they are making money off of 86 cent carrots. The more logical explanation is that the produce manager over ordered and is clearing them out before he takes a hit on his shrink. This is so blown out of proportion before facts are investigated.

@TheFrankDomenic It was not an op-ed. It's a report filed by a reporter. Your claims are inaccurate.

@FoodProfessor @blogTO @TheFrankDomenic “Possibly”…. So you’re not propagating absolute facts yourself, and woah, you’re a big time professor eh? Should we be concerned about all educators?

@Cocolovesblueb1 @blogTO @TheFrankDomenic The guy is a little too intense. Blocked him, he scares me.

@FoodProfessor @blogTO @TheFrankDomenic He likes to call himself 'a parent's worse nightmare'. That should tell you all you need to know about his teaching abilities.

An absolute coward. Terrified of debate or scrutiny of his positions. Bet hey, only one of the two of us have taken money from Galen Weston before.

@Karltotheright @crispy_capital @TheFrankDomenic @patriciaorpat Yup Read the flyers Walk the aisles for in store /manager specials Maybe form a shopping group with friends

@FoodProfessor @blogTO @TheFrankDomenic I've usually found that produce across the border is more expensive than here in Canada. $0.86 for carrots doesn't make sense unless it's a loss leader.

U.S. retailer confirmed to @blogTO that the $0.86 U.S. carrots in the initial video were from a 1 lb bag, possibly purchased at a reduced price during a U.S. Thanksgiving sale. They assert the comparison made by @TheFrankDomenic is misleading.…

@TheFrankDomenic no, there are no workers in mississipi working on these carrots so the salary differential b/n the US and canada has nothing to do with it. we're just being gauged.

@KateMinor2 @crispy_capital @TheFrankDomenic @patriciaorpat Lots of good deal on sale often. eg. pork tenderloin $2lb, Shoulder pork chops $2lb. learn the cycle of your store

@crispy_capital @Karltotheright @TheFrankDomenic @patriciaorpat I bought carrots at Food basics a couple weeks ago for 88 cents/3lb bag Sure they do

@O_Town_Geek @TheFrankDomenic But with the Liberals moving Centre-Right with Crombie. The PCs and Liberals will vote split on purpose like what happened in Toronto's Mayoral By-election that happened this year and the NDP will win in 2026.

My buddy @steve_boots has launched a weekly Canadian news/politics show. He's great, it's great, and you should go watch and subscribe!…

@smiley37555 @TheFrankDomenic No more money into new rentals, only support co-ops. We don’t need more landlords in this pyramid scheme that is currently out of control

@TheFrankDomenic @AdvocacyWarrior Prioritize more co-op housing, we need less landlords. Low income / subsidized model basically rent where people need to financially qualify. Also, co-op housing for middle income. People can own and the property value is tied to inflation, not the open market.