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@TheVeganWaifu Ive been watching your stories and I forgot how much fun it is during this time , it just looks like your having such a good time 😊

Today is the day! My girl Spoopy Kitty is treating me to my very first time at Disneyland! And it’s during Halloween! I am so excited:) my Disney fits for today:) feeling incredibly loved and excited💜 IRL stream at Disney! #Disney #twitch

@TheVeganWaifu @instagram Learned shortly after this tweet that they put it back where it was originally! Thank god.

When people recognize how much I struggle with my disabilities and medical issues it warms my heart. Thank you for taking the time to notice I’ve been struggling it’s nice to feel heard💜 thank you to EVERYONE who has reached out, checked in, and has been so kind to me💖

@KalvyKalvGaming Recognized how much I’ve been struggling lately and wanted to help me and my streaming career push forward :)

@KalvyKalvGaming I can’t stop crying this person was so generous they kept mentioning how even on my bad days I’m still trying to hide back to the community and they wanted to make my bad days a little easier 💖 it’s not even the gift that’s making me cry it’s the fact that they

Holy fuck! I woke up to this package! The note asked I keep it anonymous but thank you to the kind person who got me a switch!! Now on my really bad days and can’t get out of bed I can still stream with you guys!:) I am over the moon and can’t stop crying happy tears🥺 thank you!

Did IG get rid of the reshare button? Are they doing away with being able to reshare creators posts on our stories? Anyone else having this issue?

Hey everyone don’t forget I am hosting my very first Halloween costume contest and a pumpkin carving/painting contest! Free to enter🥰 it’s my chance to give back to you guys! Rules in the photo’s #twitchstreamer #ContestAlert #Contest #October #CHUCKYTVSERIES…

Happy pronouns day! I go by she/her! Just like in my streams, feel free to drop your pronouns^_^ I never want to assume and disrespect anyone ever! Feel free to drop your pronouns this is a safe space for anyone and everyone^_^ #PronounsDay #MentalHealthMatters #twitch #BeKind

@TheVeganWaifu the tits sitting pretty 💪💪💪😍😍😍😍

@MissTattsTTV Thank you so much!! I really appreciate you reaching out to me ^_^ I definitely will take you up on that! Thank you for extending out your kindness💜💜

@GamingGrayce @ShanaAgain @WolfieTipzy @StephA753 @TheQueenUseless Thank you so much Grayce!! You are to kind my dear💖 you are pretty kick ass yourself

#InvisibleDisabilitiesWeek Not all disabilities are visible that doesn’t make them any less traumatic, painful, or valid as a visible disability. #BeKind #InvisibleDisabilitiesWeek2021 #DisabledAndCute #twitchstreamer #twitchtv #gamer #gamers

@TheVeganWaifu Fell better soon chronic pain can be horrendous at times & exhausting to love with everyday. I hope you feel better soon take it easy & rest up ♥️ here if you need to talk feel free to msg me anytime lovely

Thank you to everyone who hosted, donated and helped make today special when it felt like it was going to be a bad one🥰

What an emotional stream! Today was a really high pain day for me. I am glad I was able too because I was reminded how wonderful my community is:) thank you guys for not just being supporters but also my friends💜 also thank you to @AstridIntruder for sharing your community💜💜

@vandrahogames Thank you so much girl💜 I’m about to go rest now

Low spoons stream today but still fun! Come hang while we play Phasmophobia! Sorry I know y’all voted for the nurse cosplay but today I’m cosplaying as human bean who’s just trying to survive💜 #twitch #disabledandcute #Phasmophobia

Chronic illness and pain is waking up feeling fine only to have your pain levels sky rocket and you pass out on the floor with your back that gave out Trying to push stream until 4 it will be a very low spoons stream yall if I’m able too I’ll let you guys know soon💜 #ChronicPain

@emov3gan @bennyemakeup Thank you!!! I had a lot of fun with this one! Beetlejuice is a favorite in my family too ^_^

@TheVeganWaifu @bennyemakeup beetlejuice is one of my faves and so is this look!

@TheVeganWaifu @bennyemakeup I swear ,I would say your name three times so you can appear 😆

Hey everyone I will be hosting not just a costume contest but also a pumpkin carving/painting contest! Must be following me me on IG and Twitch to participate! Here is the info on both contests! #contest #TwitchStreamers #halloween #pumpkinpatch

@TheVeganWaifu You are so amazing waifu! Sending u all the loves. I'll be back in chat soon!