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@HeidiBachram @acoyne There are over 17 thousand dead Palestinians and over 2 thousand dead Israeli’s and counting that have not known peace. I’m glad you can go to the mall. 🤦

@CBSNewsPoll Corrupt Biden and his corrupt cronies are a complete disgrace to America.

@DPJHodges @acoyne Odd how no one ever asks “do I perhaps deserve my fate?”

@acoyne They don’t have a Conservative government. They get promised one in each election, but then like in other countries the Conservative isn’t conservative. The risk with this and open borders is that the electorate ends up supporting someone more far right than they normally would.

@nspector4 @acoyne @CBC I’ll let Post Media speak for itself from its annual report: ”We have the highest weekly print readership of newspapers in Canada”. -2021

@acoyne Is this any different than the person who occupies the post of Prime Minister of Israel? He did not win 4 elections in 2 years and yet pushed for a fifth Which allowed him to squeeze in. BoJo likely sees this as hope

@acoyne Why? Why is this insane? Explain it to the rest of us. When you make unsupported statements like this, it reinforces the impression that the pundit class in Canada just talks to each other on subjects on which they already agree. They don't need to explain what they all already……

“Please let me keep this memory, just this one” Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Michel Gondry 2004

@acoyne Andrew, At least don’t embarrass yourself on Sundays man. Trump derangement syndrome landing in 3,2,1

@acoyne Literally nobody cares about your TDS.

@acoyne @brianlilley Until the media is no longer on the public dole, which is seen as government power over them, Canadians won’t have any faith in the reporting. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I have investigated biomarkers and I can't understand what you are saying. We need high standards to eliminate the propagation of false results and improve diagnosis. This is relevant. ………

@julie_kelly2 Right. But not one politician has the guts to hold the corrupt DOJ accountable for anything.

Confirmation from Trump (“yeah that’s exactly what I have planned”) landing in 3, 2, 1……

@FoxNews How many billions of dollars is corrupt Murdock and his minions getting paid to advertise more dangerous Garbage for people to put into there bodies.

This is beyond insane. Or it’s insanity in another dimension, of which we were previously unaware.…

@DonaldJTrumpJr if anyone votes for Nightmare Neocon Nikki Haley then they have a big problem.

@acoyne Remove that racist Jewish supremacist flag and may be we can respect your opinion on other matters

@FoxNews Why is this even a Headline. Slow News day at Fox News.

@jsolomonReports This is another crazy Nut case that needs to either be Impeached or defund him.

@jsolomonReports Congress don't have the guts to get out of their own way.