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📢 #Recent #publication “Mixed” occupancy designs: When do additional single-visit data improve the inferences from standard multi-visit models? By: Gesa von Hirschheydt , Silvia Stofer & Marc Kéry Available at:… @GfoeSoc @akmacroecology @AKCompEcol

interested in #MACROECOLOGY ? Please follow our Twitter account @akmacroecology Come to our meeting (always great mix of ECRs & seniors), great interactions & exciting science: If you want to receive job & event ads etc, PM me for email list inclusion…

Almost reached the first 1,000 followers! Please help to spread the word... .... and also do not forget to register for our 2023 meeting in May in Bayreuth!… @sMarten_Winter @redkite79 @Weigelt_P @GfoeSoc @APopbio @AKCompEcol

@sMarten_Winter @akmacroecology @Severin_Irl @Weigelt_P @aveliina @FranzEssl1 Yes, I really like the IBS conferences (good memories of the 2015 one in Bayreuth as well)! Unfortunately, I missed the last one, but I'll definitely keep the next one on my schedule.

@sMarten_Winter @akmacroecology @Severin_Irl @Weigelt_P @aveliina @FranzEssl1 Good to know! I select my conferences based on well-organized socials & good company! 😎

@LauraDBertola Could happen if you come ;O) End can be 3 or 4am if you end up with the folks of @akmacroecology around such fun colleagues like @Severin_Irl @Weigelt_P @aveliina or @FranzEssl1 😎

RT & register for the Macroecology and Biogeography conference (May 4th/5th @unibt, Germany). Early bird registration closes Feb. 15th Meet friends and colleagues; great talks, workshops, excursion and icebreaker party @akmacroecology @bay_ceer

Call for Abstracts for this year’s Macroecology and Biogeography meeting in central Europe. May 4th and 5th at Bayreuth University talks, workshops, excursion, icebreaker party in botanical garden! @GfoeSoc specialist groups @akmacroecology & Biogeography

Call for Abstracts for this year’s Macroecology and Biogeography meeting in central Europe. May 4th and 5th at Bayreuth University Great talks, workshops, excursion and icebreaker party in the botanical garden. @akmacroecology @unibt

Great interview with Katrin Böhning-Gaese, former AK Macroecology spokesperson…

Our special interest groups (Arbeitskreise - AK, like @akmacroecology) are a great way of discussing science while having fun! 👇😎 Come and join them! See here…

Don't miss our Macroecology Symposium at #EcologyMetz2022 on Wednesday at 14:30: "Lessons from the past, forecasting the future"; organized with Pierre Denelle on behalf of @akmacroecology. As speakers we have:

Colegas, estoy por finalizar la primera versión de una base de datos de rasgos funcionales de las plantas leñosas de Chile. Favor de ayudarme a escoger un nombre! @CEM_UMayor @InvestigaUMayor @AnidInforma @akmacroecology @GEB_macro

In case you missed it on a Saturday morning ;) I’d really appreciate feedback on this @BESMacroecol @akmacroecology #macroecology…

@hhillebr1 @akmacroecology ...schaade 😥! Very fond memories of my time @uniGoettingen as a DAAD scholar. Lovely experience, training and academic exchange.

And another job offer with me and @pvisconbio at @IIASAVienna is now open. We search for an ecological modeller for a range of exciting projects. Please spread the news relevant candidates and consider applying… @BESMacroecol @akmacroecology #postdoc

@akmacroecology @GEB_macro ...hoping that more studies will include sites/researchers from Africa to broaden our understanding and scope of inference.

@KevinMganga @GEB_macro sad but true. however, there are some tree diversity experiments in Africa:…

@GEB_macro @akmacroecology ...Africa the #BlackBox of global studies 🌍🤦🏿‍♂️