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@EPr0phet @barstoolsports Funny how this aged now there won’t even be a PAC 12, you were right on the money with that call lmao

@barstoolsports Why she looks like that red head press secretary from biden

@barstoolsports Retire and go be with them everyday please

@real_jake_seitz @AnTsraidArd @barstoolsports Yep. I think that people often overreact to the ball making contact w/the turf, on catches that the receiver would've made anyway, and I almost thought so on this one. But as his elbow and forearm hit, the ball begins to shoot out, like when someone pinches a watermelon seed.

@barstoolsports They scored 35 points so pretty stupid.

@barstoolsports So much respect for Mitchell Robinson! Great man

Better than @BarstoolFran at Celebrity Mashup 103/105 The Dozen: Daily Trivia Game 130 6 Correct w/ Double Dip 🟩🟩🟩 🟥🟩🟥 🟩🟥🟩 @TheDozenTrivia x @barstoolsports #TheDailyDozen

@barstoolsports Explain to me again why we’re supposed to give a sh*t what Swift’s publicist tweets about her own client?

@barstoolsports Tree Paine was def a random " rapper generator" name 500000%

@barstoolsports After getting spanked by okc he’s gotta deflect with something

@barstoolsports Tree Paine? Deux Moi? Hunger Games characters.

@barstoolsports I’ve heard that if he needs to get around the area quickly… helicopter is a good option

@barstoolsports As a long time Pats fan I just wanna say it's been real Bill. Thank you but it's time. Tom left and retired in good spirits. It's now your turn with all due respect. We need something fresh not Mac and whatever you call this team. See all you Pats fans in April.

@barstoolsports I see those annoying broads are running the barstool social media again.