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JoJo Siwa comparte cómo se relaciona con Britney Spears y la "dura" experiencia del estrellato infantil

Britney Spears on “SM:TV Live” in 2003. ♥️🥰🌹

I can’t think of anybody who is more deserving of this than @britneyspears 🏆

Sorry Taylor Swift fans but “1989” is NOT the Bible of pop music. “Blackout” by Britney Spears is. It was dubbed it years before “1989” was even thought of. Stop being ignorant

tou a cantar britney spears com o meu pai

Hi, this is Britney Spears, And sometime my friends can come to The phone, and this is one of this times. So leave a message at the beep and baby I'll call you back One more time. And thanks for calling!

I once read in a bad metaphor comparing "loneliness" to "a swarm of killer bees," and now when I'm alone my favorite thing to do is loudly sing the @britneyspears song 'Baby One More Time' but change the lyrics to "my loneliness is killer bees" and giggle like a madman.

Britney Spears Is Still Mad At Her Family And Says “I Want Justice”…

Le principal piège à éviter est de trop modifier le 1er jet par des ajustements. Comme pour notre tweet sur Britney Spears signant au PSG se terminant par la phrase : "A mort les juifs et les arabes" qui n'était pas du tout prévu à la base et qui nous a valu des soucis. ⬇️⬇️

@ScorpionSnake17 @MundoSwiftt "la biblia del pop" solo lo porta Blackout by Britney Spears

Britney Spears & Lady Gaga Choreographer #LaurieannGibson Preps Talent Contest ‘#Icon’ With #CatalinaContent

@McDonalds Dip myself in a pool of hot mustard and hope @britneyspears ate me.

"Britney Spears Slams Family for ‘Hurting Me Deeper Than You’ll Ever Know’"…

If Britney Spears came out with "I'm a SLAVE 4 U" as a young popstar in 2021 she'd be eaten alive i feel LOL a little white girl talking about how she's a twitter would breakdown to the point of combustion

🚨 C&A começa a vender blusas da Britney Spears na Europa. @cea_brasil faça alguma coisa pelo amor de Deus!!!

Not this man in the airport asking who’s on my shirt, when it says Britney and has her pic, so I say “Britney Spears”. And he rolled his eyes at! Imma let the lord take care of that one.

#27Oct 🌎 | "Estoy cansada de ser tan comprensiva": Britney Spears a su familia…

Britney Spears - Gimme More (Junior Vasquez & Johnny Vicious Club Remix)

#27Oct Britney Spears cansada del trato humillante de su familia #NucleoNoticias