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@ArloStuff Its a love, hate relationship. Trying new weapons and more fusions is fun, but you find one you really like it breaks fast and is hard to replace

@SpawnWaveMedia I don't know man, there has been a lot of apology post cards

@TheAbsol I always wanted one but I can't spend $100 on a shirt man

@Wario64 It was out of stock but now it's back at full price..... Can I get them to match the deal or invent a time machine?

@LilAl85855 That's atleast 7 games my dude, impressive library

@NESKid85 @Wario64 Bro I'm freaking about it, I need it to ship

@videogamedeals That's fucking bullshit, $35 was a little high back on the day man

@drewlgb1 @Wario64 Did the collectors edition have any shrink wrap?

@charcoalcharizd Hey there, thanks for reaching out. I order almost all of my stuff online, so I understand bringing this to attention. Let’s take a closer look into this. To start, please DM us with your full name, phone number, email and order number. ^Jack…


@charcoalcharizd @videogamedeals @BestBuy Mine says it’s not coming til Tuesday now also from Bestbuy. Tempted to buy the digital while I wait

@videogamedeals I need twilight princess and ocarina amiibo

@videogamedeals My copy hasn't shipped from @BestBuy despite it saying it'll be delivered today