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today made me realize, yes I will be leaving this job 🤭

I’m lit & thinking too much right now. just love yourzzzz 🫶🏼

growing up has always been weird & it still is. I love both them people but I can’t talk or be cool with them at all. I’m not me when I’m with them. It’s crazy.

(God forgive me) I envy people who have good relationship with their parents, especially their mother. If y’all have that, cherish it please.

(this isn’t shade to the queens) why are the rusicals/girl group/on stage challenges on Canada’s Drag Race so low budget?

@scoopsxz yassss, excited to see you too frennn 🫶🏼

@classickdre Bitch tell me why I thought you meant your wake? 🙊🙊

GET 👏🏼 THE 👏🏼 FUCK 👏🏼 UP 👏🏼 OUT 👏🏼 MY 👏🏼 HOUSE 👏🏼