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@thomaskaine5 @cnnbrk @NBCNews @ABC @WhiteHouse Can you imagine how popular Biden would be if the media touted his achievements as much as they talk about his age. The media is complicit in what Republicans are getting away with, they have failed us badly.

Western states have lost the power to lecture on human rights. Dutch researcher Rena Netjes evaluated Western states and Western media during Israel's occupation of Palestine. @cnni @cnnbrk @euronews @MSNBC @nytimes @BBCNews @BBCBreaking @FRANCE24 @dwnews @ansa_english…

@cnnbrk Finish this. The rest of the world is welcome to send boats to pick up survivors.

@EAC_IPU @EastAfricaGov @IMFNews @WorldBank @jumuiya @EA_Bunge @_AfricanUnion @pmathuki @SouthSudanGov @KagutaMuseveni @WilliamsRuto @StateHouse_J1 @ikulumawasliano @SuluhuSamia @WhiteHouse @BBCBreaking @WynnWs @cnnbrk @SkyNews @Reuters @ReutersBiz @FoxNews @AlJazeera @VOAAfrica @UN Somalia will have nothing to do with this Christian Bantu Organisation. Once this treasonous puppet government leaves we will your EAC as well. To hell with your Bulshit

@thomaskaine5 @cnnbrk @NBCNews @ABC @WhiteHouse I do! I wish we could go back to the time when the fairness doctrine was in place. These corporate media overlords would not get away with this nonsense. They are counting on the public to remain ignorant of their motives to lie and distort the truth.

- NDTV But Indians love to know from @rashtrapatibhvn that why law isn't equal in Indian democracy? How fraud corporate cheat commoners with impunity? Why @PMOIndia , @SCofInd remain silent against open cheating of @CESCLimited ! @PIB_India @cnnbrk @BBCBreaking @CIJ_ICJ @ndtv

@MartinVandepack @3_dingus @ActionDemocrat @AngelB1953 @abcnews @CBSNews @NBCNews @cnnbrk You keep talking about enforcing the Constitition, so why do you support the guy who literally called for suspending it?

@cnnbrk Israel seems hellbent on collective punishment. None of its war crimes will make them any safer. Hamas leadership isn't even in Gaza.

Same story, different times. The story of displacement of Native Americans and Palestinians is very similar, although it happened at different times. @cnni @cnnbrk @euronews @MSNBC @nytimes @BBCNews @BBCBreaking @FRANCE24 @AFP @ZDF @dwnews @ansa_english #freepalestine…

@cnnbrk @NunmakerA47627 Become EXPLOSIVE With These Drills ⚽️��‍♂️��

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