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@WomensSocIre @ConorGallaghe_r @niamh_b_h @WomensSpaceIre Your lack of professionalism is astounding Conor. I grew up with the Irish Times and it was my 'go to' paper for years. Sad to see what a desperate substandard rag it's become

How dare people actually comment on an article? Wtaf has journalism come to?…

@PantiBliss Why not start with the ceo of belongto then?

Pray tell me wgat dave phillips, dermot breen, Kevin carroll or Adrian marley did for women's sport and safety prior to their 'transition'…

Women in Ireland don't have to wait for an election given a heap of tax payer funded ngos called for us to be stripped of our human rights back in 2020…

@Madser2002 @cuntasoir Have fun. Raise a Football Special for me. Great if you need to keep your kids awake all night.

@JosephAnthonyj… Martin saw fit to guffaw at a joke about stepping on women's necks. Martin is a board member of Teni who are pretty much writing prison policy

@for29years @Madser2002 I'm up in donegal camping tomorrow for 3 nights so will squeeze some in

Women are now "non trans women"? Not that I expect anything else from this creep.…

@Dawson40M @briancanavan1 Hewitt's linkedin describes him as a management consultant. They ain't cheap but sure as we know no matter how atrociously TENI act we still pay for them. While kids with additional learning and medical needs languish behind

@_KylieJender @JosephAnthonyj Given TENI's documented history of hurling threats at women and drafting missives to strip us of our human rights, I'd say Tara will fit right in given their culture. So I think the best option is to contact their funders @NOSPIreland @HSE_SI ; @SRausingTrust ,@dcediy

@cuntasoir @JosephAnthonyj And even that appointment is questionable- should they really be seeking consultancy services from a bloke who used his role in the NHS to coerce NHS Trusts into ignoring guidance from the EHRC?

@_KylieJender @JosephAnthonyj While the TENI Finance Director deems people asking pertinent questions about finance/governance as an "attack".

@_KylieJender @JosephAnthonyj Agree. Hewitt's linkedin describes him as a "management consultant". They don't come cheap, but sure TENI don't have to worry about funding do they, given no matter what the hell they do or don't do, the HSE and Rodders keep pouring money into them

@_KylieJender @vdmval Also am I right in saying TENI are involved in review of abortion legislation? It is deeply worrying if so that they're now led by an anti choicer. One trusts that Bernie and her cheerleaders will call this out.

@_KylieJender @vdmval If Tina is leaving then surely TENI should put out a press release? Describing Tara as the "interim CEO" leaves little room for doubt. And the taxpayers, who are treated with contempt by TENI should be given an explanation why the CEO role has such a high turnover.

@CeriLeeG @cuntasoir You are profoundly brave ❤️. I hope your courageous truth speaking and all the support you receive, will create the changes needed, to protect Women and Children.

@cuntasoir She'll be in the next government apparently🙄

@ColetteColfer @Casey5122dark Gas though, we are so sniffy about being morally superior to the bad Brits but we've no problem shipping our kids off to the Tavistock.

@ColetteColfer @Casey5122dark And of course the UK was one of the first countries to implement legislation regarding trans demands so it's not surprising that they're the first to realise the problems it causes.

@Dawson40M @SocDems So the message from politicians is that we should all (including children) believe any adult implicitly when they tell us "who they are"? Wow, what could possibly go wrong there?

@Dawson40M @SocDems Simpering handmaiden. All this "listen to trans people", but yet women's opinions when it comes to public policy that impacts them doesn't matter?

@ForWomenScot We went from 'trust women' to 'but what about men' in Ireland even before the ink dried on the repeal announcement

@leilarubyW9 @cuntasoir Mine is more of the view that it’s not that big a deal. If the right were pushing this he would be all over it. This is too big and serious and consequential for partisan politics. I don’t give a shit who’s pushing it. It’s wrong, wrong, wrong.

@thegoodanna_kr @cuntasoir Same as mine unfortunately. He’s slowly becoming more aware, but still thinks I’m ‘hateful’ for not wanting troons in women’s spaces.

@cuntasoir I wish mine was. He is very left and I think is uncomfortable that this is pushed entirely by the left.

@cuntasoir It's fairly common that non religious people often know far more about the bible than christians

@politic18753739 Given I think all of them in the room supported the ngo diktat in 2020 to deprive us of human rights I'm in agreement with you.

Gotta hand it to her, Bernie is more up to speed on the bible than I am. Suspect there's a well thumbed copy with notes and scribbles on her kitchen table

@AlessandraAster @Charles95684721 @FredSargeant @Greta_Gripp Trans people in Ireland are both a tiny vulnerable minority and yet we owe them a supreme debt for the 700k repeal majority in 2018 which can only repaid by letting them undress with our daughters.