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@VernonForGA @DOJPH @FBI @RepBowman Except your fellow Republicans have already gone to greath lengths to argue elected members should be shielded from... everything... unless they belong to the opposite party ofcourse...

@commiesfb69 @collinsken604 @Beachy_Tee7 @RpsAgainstTrump Oops I dun did broker the internet troll... oh well, have fun tooting that horn on your train 😜

@commiesfb69 @collinsken604 @Beachy_Tee7 @RpsAgainstTrump What buttons do you imagine your pressing? I think you have the wrong impression of just how amused I am by the fact that your still putting more effort into avoiding answering what should be a simple question for ya... and as for the train wreck comment... ohhh the irony lmao

@commiesfb69 @collinsken604 @Beachy_Tee7 @RpsAgainstTrump Does it matter if I did find a report? Would you suddenly start caring? Stop asking for something that you don't actually give a flying fuck about, it's just you trying to be disingenuous. Oh a car just whizzed past me doing 200, no one got hurt, guess 200 mph is okay now lol

@deamonomic @collinsken604 @Beachy_Tee7 @RpsAgainstTrump Not particularly lol 😂 It’s just funny pressing buttons and seeing your train wreck. You’re a toy

@deamonomic @collinsken604 @Beachy_Tee7 @RpsAgainstTrump Get a diary lol. Sheesh. Find me a report of an injury. Take your time sweetheart

@commiesfb69 @collinsken604 @Beachy_Tee7 @RpsAgainstTrump Yet you've put in MORE effort already trying to avoid explaining it which is hilarious, go on keep putting effort into avoiding it lmao

@deamonomic @collinsken604 @Beachy_Tee7 @RpsAgainstTrump You haven’t learned the assumption lesson yet. It’s just… you’re not worth effort.

@commiesfb69 @collinsken604 @Beachy_Tee7 @RpsAgainstTrump Can't, you can't explain, you'd rather waste energy and effort trying to avoid explaining because you can't explain lol 💋 love you too boo

@kcfanaticusa1 @jnltoy @wheresourLOGIC @itsJeffTiedrich Now who's the one trying to spin things they want? Lol keep trying to make a mountain of a mole hill

@deamonomic @collinsken604 @Beachy_Tee7 @RpsAgainstTrump Get a diary. No one got hurt. Vote got passed. Just another story in the experiment we call democracy. Go bowman!

@deamonomic @jnltoy @wheresourLOGIC @itsJeffTiedrich Spin it anyway you want. They fabricated evidence, used it, then doubled down it and used it again.

@itsallaruse_ @EdKrassen @JamesPower91 Also lol love it based on encounters... how many were caught and sent back? Another question did we recently increase border funding? By how much? Why do republicans want to strip it and pretend like they haven't been given anything?

@itsallaruse_ @EdKrassen @JamesPower91 But they already got increased funding from the biden administration and you guys want to strip it away along side funds for other agencies like the IRS. Ohhhh I get it, you do want border security but only of its a republican at the helm of the ship, I get ya now

@kcfanaticusa1 @jnltoy @wheresourLOGIC @itsJeffTiedrich You have one warrant vs the thousands that were issued during that investigation. You found a veritable needle in a hay stack and think it's a mountain

@kcfanaticusa1 @jnltoy @wheresourLOGIC @itsJeffTiedrich the steele dossier was used to get a fisa warrant for one guy. One warrant reissued 3 more times. And not all the warrants were declared invalid only 2 of the 4 were Again... you have one warrant... out of hundreds issued. One guy out of hundreds interviewed and investigated

@kcfanaticusa1 @jnltoy @wheresourLOGIC @itsJeffTiedrich Efforts to corroborate the stories in the dossier. But the investigation did note that they did not go far enough in their diligence on checking his stories and they relied upon them because steele was a trusted source. And there was some miscommunication mixed in as well

@kcfanaticusa1 @jnltoy @wheresourLOGIC @itsJeffTiedrich Fake, not everything in The dossier can actually be verified. I mean can you 100% prove that there really isn't a pee tape in a Moscow basement? Not saying there is but can't disprove it fully either. Now the investigation into them found that they had made good faith

@kcfanaticusa1 @jnltoy @wheresourLOGIC @itsJeffTiedrich That's not exactly what happened though. 1st you need to understand what the dossier is. It isn't just one story about trump. It's dozens of different stories collected from I think 30 different sources in total. So while somethings can be easily be debunked and know its

@jnltoy @wheresourLOGIC @itsJeffTiedrich From what I've been able to find out while the Republicans did hire the firm to begin research on trump before the democrats, steele was tapped specifically to search for trump-russia stories/connections and did not use much of if any of the former research compiled

@commiesfb69 @collinsken604 @Beachy_Tee7 @RpsAgainstTrump Can't answer as to how it was a stretch? Yea, obvious you ca t which is why you focus on irrelevant bullshit like "4th grade English class" insults. What are you still in high-school yourself? If you cant answer how it's reach atleast try harder with the insults

@deamonomic @collinsken604 @Beachy_Tee7 @RpsAgainstTrump I think you deserve a 4th grade English class. Atrocious shit

@deamonomic @collinsken604 @Beachy_Tee7 @RpsAgainstTrump You need some dressing for this word salad bud. I don’t give a fuck about safety. Im a savage for my interests.

@commiesfb69 @collinsken604 @Beachy_Tee7 @RpsAgainstTrump Edit sorry lol hit reply too soon lol How is it reach? I think your the one who deserves the trophy

@commiesfb69 @collinsken604 @Beachy_Tee7 @RpsAgainstTrump How is it a reach to say that diverting emergency services for a political stunt thus depriving actual emergencies of quicker response times and personnel thus potentially leading to deaths or injuries that could have been avoided if someone didn't divert them?

@Cockofthewalk00 @deamonomic @SolsberyDavid @tomiahonen Sadly, you are correct but the good news is, it’s a low digit number of voters at this point. We proved it at the polls in 2020. Those that were not Q MAGA who voted for him, they voted for party at the time. They won’t make that mistake again if he actually gets to run. 🙏

@SolsberyDavid @tomiahonen Like it will stop them from making up whatever they need to to keep the delusions going. Go on, get pence on air live saying it all... the MAGA cult will immediately spin to "he's one of them" "they have something on him" "he wants trump out of the way so he can be pres"

@ZeeMarina @juaelz1 @MuellerSheWrote @Angry_Staffer @TheDailyShow It'd also a joke and not meant to be taken literally and does not imply any wrong doing by her. You guys see what you want, people are to quick to jump these days

@deamonomic @juaelz1 @MuellerSheWrote @Angry_Staffer @TheDailyShow Nobody could have prevented her from stepping down if she wanted to. Frankly, her family should have stepped in months ago to encourage her to do so. We don't know that they didn't try. However you interpret it, this "joke" is in terrible taste.

@ZeeMarina @juaelz1 @MuellerSheWrote @Angry_Staffer @TheDailyShow I disagree, where does it indicate its a slight at her? It actually implies they wouldn't let her step down as in she might have wanted to but couldn't. That's still not giving her shit like you claim, I think you guys are seeing what you want to see

@deamonomic @juaelz1 @MuellerSheWrote @Angry_Staffer @TheDailyShow Its both. It's a slam at her for not stepping down sooner and at the Democratic party for not pushing her to it when it was obvious her capability was questionable.

@Logically_JC A long list of reasons... like everything else :p It's everything from people tuning out the inherent toxicity of politics, individuals being corrupted for money and so on... and then we have all the global adversaries who would love nothing more then for the US to fall apart