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@Raychii00420 @elonmusk @ICannot_Enough Fair enough. I like writing, it's not exactly a profitable interest either. 😂 You should try to make an android. I would want to if I could weld worth a [email protected] Hands aren't stable worth anything.

@POTUS Apparently @VP doesn’t agree with you…She believes “people of color” should receive Ian FEMA aid over all others…@elonmusk @glennbeck @laralogan @TuckerCarlson @RealAmVoice @RealDrGina

@stevenmarkryan @elonmusk My expectations were not only met but exceeded. I have been involved on the compute side of robotics in one of my projects. What I liked about yesterday’s event, no gimmickry and actual hard content. No fluff ppt crap.

@pikapikapi08 @DagDahlo @JeremyPepperWVU @RyanAFournier @elonmusk Those aren’t her words. She said low-income and persons of color are impacted worse than many other people and the resources should be distributed with that in mind.

@ICannot_Enough @elonmusk It’s cheaper to design very fast custom robots for each part of the assembly line and factory. 💯

@_HumbleBeast_ @elonmusk @ICannot_Enough I don’t do investing stuff. I’m old school & plan on staying that way for now.

@realMeetKevin @Tesla @elonmusk Man I wish I had it in me to be stupid guy on the internet.

@kylaschwaberow @elonmusk @ICannot_Enough If it learns about their assembly well enough to be able to disassemble them what if….

@TrendsGem @elonmusk I hope there are many $TTC fans here 🤞🤞🤞

¡Insólito! El multimillonario Elon Musk mostró su simpatía por Rusia vía @YouTube

@Model3Owners @DBurkland @elonmusk @Tesla @TeslaOwnersMN It’s just a PyTorch extension. And sits on top of standard x86 Linux machines. Compiler hides the complexity. Literally anyone can use it (once they open it up)

@brianrc @elonmusk @EvasTeslaSPlaid I wish i saved them, i will check tomorrow, but yes it has shown that cancer risk is over 10 percent higher for many types of cancer.

@teslaownersSV @elonmusk That things not even worthy of a fraction of that name. What's wrong with you?

Seems a good day to remind everyone that Elon musk isn't taking you to Mars in his military contract rockets 💖💕💖💕💖💕💖

@HickmanBearPig @ordinarytings @elonmusk If you're telling your prospective customers they can drive your car in a flood, it's kind of important to give a specific time frame and explain the mechanics. Elon's tweet is what's lazy.

@teslaownersSV @elonmusk So a decade after it is promised - it presents a bot that is .... a decade behind what asia is doing !!