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@jamfranbo @JustOneVegan @franalicee @IEatTheGrass @HelixBattery @purpleveganlady @DeeSonoIo @damn_thatsvegan @ThVeganTomBrown @RogerHallamCS21 @thetrueandjust @sentientism @georginaburg_ @sibaburck @animalbasedbae @hugopottisch You should take down your bio.. replace it with vegan loser that accomplished nothing but got into twitter arguments with strangers about veganism. Some grumpy outbursts about how no one listens to you. pathetic

@pinkthetoad @JustOneVegan @franalicee @IEatTheGrass @HelixBattery @purpleveganlady @DeeSonoIo @damn_thatsvegan @ThVeganTomBrown @RogerHallamCS21 @thetrueandjust @sentientism @georginaburg_ @sibaburck @animalbasedbae @hugopottisch You’re the person doing the speculating. You’re an absolute disgrace. You should take down the US flag right now. You cheapen it and abuse it. You’re probably not even a US citizen.

@pinkthetoad @JustOneVegan @franalicee @IEatTheGrass @HelixBattery @purpleveganlady @DeeSonoIo @damn_thatsvegan @ThVeganTomBrown @RogerHallamCS21 @thetrueandjust @sentientism @georginaburg_ @sibaburck @animalbasedbae @hugopottisch You’re all speculation, conjecture and surmise. There’s not an intelligent thought in your head. You should write novels. They would be really popular with empty-headed people like yourself. You’re a disgrace to the honourable national flag of the US.

@pinkthetoad @JustOneVegan @franalicee @IEatTheGrass @HelixBattery @purpleveganlady @DeeSonoIo @damn_thatsvegan @ThVeganTomBrown @RogerHallamCS21 @thetrueandjust @sentientism @georginaburg_ @sibaburck @animalbasedbae @hugopottisch It’s not about other people saying your vegan. When you’ve made the connection between the abomination of killing animals for food and moving up to a vegan diet, then you’re truly vegan. For some people that was yesterday; for others, it was 70 years ago.

@pinkthetoad @franalicee @jamfranbo @IEatTheGrass @HelixBattery @purpleveganlady @DeeSonoIo @damn_thatsvegan @ThVeganTomBrown @RogerHallamCS21 @thetrueandjust @sentientism @georginaburg_ @sibaburck @animalbasedbae @hugopottisch It's funny, I've been lied to by many people as well - I've lost count of the number of people who say they eat meat because they can't afford to be vegan, and yet here you are confirming that it is indeed cheaper NOT to eat meat. The truth always comes out.

@franalicee Interesting paper in their link. Thanks.

people like this really do reinforce the myth that veganism is a fad.she's been "vegan" for 6 years & is now thinking of going veggie. clearly the dairy industry isn't important to her. if you're plantbased, just say that! Check out Maisi's video! #TikTok

feel sorry for this poor baby. having a mother that thinks this is the best way to raise a child??? no one needs to eat animal products, especially not a baby eating raw/under-cooked meat 🤢 #veganism #vegans…

still thinking of this absolutely stunning vegan breakfast from @VeganCampOut 🤤😅 2024 cannot come quick enough!! #vegancampout #veganfood #vegans

@MarkWilkins1412 I didn't say I was superior :) if you think vegans are superior, it says a lot about you and your fellow non vegans ✌🏻

@rhodeislandmike when am I meant to suffer from malnutrition?

@franalicee I choose not to. I don't want to be vegan.

@WiGovPR @Queenjazzheart2 @skndd @cryptocaoineadh @franalicee @kingofthehillxl @Imani_Barbarin Goodness, I'd definitely try to free any rats though. My sister had pet rats - They are insanely smart and friendly! Obviously an infesting rat would not be, but I certainly don't want to snap one.

@WiGovPR @Queenjazzheart2 @skndd @cryptocaoineadh @franalicee @kingofthehillxl @Imani_Barbarin You.. really don't understand Veganism, do you? But if you must know, I do have a habit of catching the spiders & other critters and letting them out :) Though, Vegans aren't pacifists. Self defense is self defense, even against a bug.

@Queenjazzheart2 @CarnistLs @skndd @cryptocaoineadh @franalicee @kingofthehillxl @Imani_Barbarin Unfortunately that’s a common stereotype about vegans that he’s more than happy to reinforce. Would be interested to see how he lives, considering he’s against harming mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, etc. his house must be overrun with critters.

@CarnistLs @WiGovPR @skndd @cryptocaoineadh @franalicee @kingofthehillxl @Imani_Barbarin I'm not the one calling people pieces of shit in a bid to show that I'm a humanitarian so...

@franalicee No Thankyou dear - you’re hideous ,’patronising people who think they’re superior- you’re not

@Queenjazzheart2 @WiGovPR @skndd @cryptocaoineadh @franalicee @kingofthehillxl @Imani_Barbarin It's projecting hardcore. You value animals so little that you can't even begin to consider them worth saving, so the only way, in your FUCKED UP mind, for a Vegan to exist, is if we value animals more? Your mind is fucked up.

@Queenjazzheart2 @WiGovPR @skndd @cryptocaoineadh @franalicee @kingofthehillxl @Imani_Barbarin Are you really that good at minimizing animal suffering? Are you really so stupid, that the only way to NOT want to torture animals, is by thinking Humans aren't worth as much? hint hint to the ignorant piece of shit: No vegan thinks Animals are worth more than Humans, moron.

@WiGovPR @skndd @cryptocaoineadh @franalicee @kingofthehillxl @Imani_Barbarin "Why would you compare enslaving human beings to enslaving animals" Wow jee, who would have thought? I wonder why?