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@vivi3newestw0od Well ig ima try later🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ have fun outside

@tweetyborus 😂😂 i had to replay it a few times i thought i was dreaming

@tweetyborus I'm confused. Did you hit the last one through the wall or?

@gamerrboiii @inihelene sweet pizza is just sweet bread. ever had cinnamon roll?

@TheAnaBraga @football_muscIe @TheJoeySwoll Do that while I'm at the gym and I'll throw your ass out. Rules are rules.

@snapchatsupport I keep looking if there's an update on the app store every day but hopefully comes out soon. Thanks for answering.

@gamerrboiii Hi. Thanks for reaching out. Certain features roll out at different times. Please keep an eye on your device's app store for new updates.

@Snapchatsupport @Snapchat when are we android users gonna get dark mode? My eyes are dying while using the app during nights in light mode

@gamerrboiii @inihelene Ines blocks people who comment on her spotty behind lol. You’re a pathetic incel son

@gamerrboiii I just saw a thread about someone whining about one person blocking them and then other posts… move on with your life

@assassinscreed I have been playing since a kid and trust me when i say, i just suck at taking in game pictures. I keep trying but they turn so ugly. Rip me Anyways yeah

@661ave Kinda sucks they didn't bring back Roach in this game😩 Loved him as well, literally always by ghost's side in the og game, even died together