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Tremendous Fly On The Wall pod w @danacarvey @DavidSpade & @jayleno . Hysterical inside comedy /Tonight Show stuff. And thoughts about "panel". Reigning Kings of panel are @pattonoswalt & Spade. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you @OpeningNights! Excited to be the lucky winner of these tickets & see @jayleno in #Tallahassee tonight.

#JimmyKimmel confronts #BenAffleck after actor put him in an "uncomfortable" situation with #JayLeno at his party

@jayleno @adamcarolla Hey fellas, contrary to your comment that after 25 years debating on refinishing our wood floors in Minneapolis, we finally did it! My wife calling in to ask for advice cinched the deal, thanks. Looking forward to seeing Jay in Vegas this wk

@danacarvey I just finished listening to the @jayleno episode. That man is funny. He, really is Mr comedy. Humble and funny, that is unusual. Great episode. You guys are perfect together, I knew Denis Miller could be a great podcaster. I wasn't wrong.

@danacarvey @DavidSpade @jayleno @Cadence13_ Your pal Hollywood Howie Stern is going to be mad at you.

@danacarvey @DavidSpade @jayleno @Cadence13_ Honestly one of the best episodes. His stories are incredible. ‘Rodney, that’s not my finger’

Driving Force: Automobiles and the New American City, by @DarrylHolter with @sgeetv is a deep dive into early car dealerships in LA. W/ a foreword by the classic car man himself, @jayleno, Driving Force is a book for aficionados of autos! Pre-order below!

@danacarvey @DavidSpade @jayleno @Cadence13_ Just listened to the pod, what another great guest. 👏👏👏

@danacarvey @DavidSpade @jayleno @Cadence13_ i hope jay is doing well since being burnt badly and then an accient he had to

& the only benefit is that my work day begins at 10:30 and ends at 4:30 lmao

The two days I commute to the office I fight the urge to stop for donuts 😞

Full episode: On this week’s #flyonthewall me and @DavidSpade chat with the brilliant @jayleno about writing jokes, living in open houses, and behind-the-scenes showbiz stories.

#BenAffleck admits he put #JimmyKimmel in an "uncomfortable" situation with #JayLeno at his party

@choquei Se a Sônia Abraão tá de um lado eu tow do outro. Mulherzinha podre.

@jayleno Idiota. Comediantes como você que usam assuntos pessoais das outras pessoas para fazer graça, que desmoralizam a categoria de grandes comediantes de nome. Comediantes de verdade , profissionais , que respeitam as outras pessoas.

@_remys Quantas pessoas amargas pqp, olha o nivel da postagem da mulher e doa comentários. A pessoa simplesmente posta com intenção de machucar alguém que não fez litarelmente nada pra ela. Dar nojo cara.

@danacarvey, @DavidSpade, @jayleno Transcript of latest Fly on the Wall with Dana Carvey and David Spade episode: "Jay Leno" is live on @podclipsapp.…