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@GoldenNoel @joemill37087868 @DC_Draino She was hoping she'd look cool since she's a loser and has been for a long long time.

@GoldenNoel @joemill37087868 @DC_Draino I can't wake up from this. There no reset button. There's no saved game.

@joemill37087868 @alx She hadn't got any, shooter is female ,born female ..identifying as a male

@joemill37087868 @Jim_Jordan @GOP this was trumps campaigner this is from the muller report…

@joemill37087868 @DC_Draino Thank God for these brave men ! Now the IRS will come after them! No medal of bravery from this corrupt President… only for a Trans … and #KatieCartel #arresthobbs

@austin_gomez95 @joemill37087868 @DC_Draino The red hat made no sense unless her goal was to die by headshot

@ryan_churchich @Sgt_Ray121 @PatriciaBewley7 @joemill37087868 @DC_Draino you can literally tell in the first pic the laces start halfway up the shoes. pumas don’t do that, only vans do.. open your eyes

@GoldenNoel @joemill37087868 @DC_Draino Looks like she was trying to get the precious back from those filthy hobitsis

@ryan_churchich @PatriciaBewley7 @joemill37087868 @DC_Draino A. She wouldn’t need a psychologist. She’d need a psychiatrist. B. You probably believe that planes can slice through steel structures like butter.

@Ricky78568393 @joemill37087868 @simonateba @Mike_Pence @realDonaldTrump without Mitch McConnell none of those justices would have been confirmed.

@GoldenNoel @JonCCortright @joemill37087868 @DC_Draino Do you genuinely believe that woman don’t have testosterone or are you joking ?

@joemill37087868 @ImMeme0 That was either the mom or dad 😱😱😱

@GoldenNoel @joemill37087868 @DC_Draino Who gives a shit what she was thinking.One more piece of total scum removed from this earth. I hope she rots in hell.

@GoldenNoel @joemill37087868 @DC_Draino Who gives an actual fuck? She/it shot babies. Rot in hell fire….

@gem50 @HunterHarpy @GoldenNoel @joemill37087868 @DC_Draino So she killed kids that had nothing to do with it. Good theory you have there 🤣🤣🤣

@JayBeeBee13 @RB76610136 @joemill37087868 @DC_Draino Keep them alive so they get their 5 minutes of fame and live in a hotel with bars. I don’t want to hear their sob story as to why they committed such a horrible crime… I am not sad she is gone I am more sad of the lives she took from loved ones.

@itsJeffTiedrich Your President. Gun control empty suit. Biden 36 years in the Senate Biden eight years as vice president, Biden two years as president.

@MNPDNashville Nashville Hero’s. Imagine having to live this story down. 'No one took leadership': A detailed look at the failings in Uvalde school shooting.…

@XGreenPhoenixX @joemill37087868 @DC_Draino Agreed, but we should be studying these people. I hope the gross pathologist is taking samples of her brain for further review.

@TwizzyMizz @GoldenNoel @joemill37087868 @DC_Draino I really doubt that ☻ just like there’s male privilege there’s trans privilege nowadays, you’ll get canceled and death threats just for not acknowledging their presence in public. Come on.

@GoldenNoel @joemill37087868 @DC_Draino I thought the same thing but I also at the same time, do not care really. She is dead the world is better for it.

Who is Xavier Musk, Elon's trans child who wants to change name to Vivian? @MZHemingway… via @nypost

@joemill37087868 @DC_Draino She should have found another way to express herself other than killing children. Your a monster for doing so. Innocent lives need the protection of these two officers for a reason.