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@SantiagoAuFund @Breedlove22 @jordanbpeterson @saylor We are all philosophers in some way, so why not? Saylor has deep historical knowledge and expertise in technology, on par with Peterson's experience in psychology and human behaviour, so this could never be a boring chat.

@jordanbpeterson Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book “Seven Tools for Life” sounds oddly familiar 😂

When evil stares you in the Eye.....don't blink @KofC @Pontifex @Robertkeenedyjr @POTUS Punch It @Telegraph @globeandmail @nationalpost @CBCTheNational @TorontoStar H0H 0H0-‐------------- Merry Christmas @jordanbpeterson no anti-@Pontifex, but he might be the anti-@CanadianPM #

@PhilEbiner @GFXmentor @fffcharlie @davidgauthier93 Oh shoot, the month was JUNE people, my bad. Got a little too excited. Sorry about that 😅😂. And thanks again to all the #videoeditors #contentcreators #freelancers #freelancecoaches @elonmusk @jordanbpeterson @TheoVon #Universe

@JBPpod @jordanbpeterson @mattrife Matt is hilarious! Can't wait to see his show in Richmond ✌️

@SantiagoAuFund @Breedlove22 @jordanbpeterson @saylor Arrange it for Bali, I can arrange a studio etc, I’m happy to look after @saylor Michael’s Yacht while he’s ashore:-)

@Majstar7 @Israel @Schwarzenegger @piersmorgan @BBCBreaking @benshapiro @jordanbpeterson did you teach us hospitality or was that something we taught you years ago and here again we’re re-teaching you.

@aamullanee @jordanbpeterson Weak men rape women and kill little babies in their cribs. Weak men hide behind women and children. Weak men hide under hospitals and schools to build weapons to attack unarmed people.

2) @jordanbpeterson's Jacob's Ladder lecture. One of the most interesting things I've ever heard.…

The long march down continues… ⁦@MarkSteynOnline⁩ ⁦@DouglasKMurray⁩ ⁦@jordanbpeterson⁩ ⁦@UN_Women⁩ ⁦@howardlindzon⁩ Diversity Rape of the Day :: SteynOnline…

@jordanbpeterson @YouTube Most prayer is a total waste of time. Particularly as an appeal to some weird outside entity. It might be away of talking to oneself. Just do something useful!

@jordanbpeterson weak men can make high scores (see encyclopedia dramatica for a definition)

@Whotfismick I think I heard either @jordanbpeterson or someone say that as you grow up, the same patterns and pathways that formed ur relationship with parents get repurposed for adult relationships?

@Breedlove22 @jordanbpeterson @saylor Peterson is just another Piers Morgan. another irritating shock jock of sorts. there both depressing individuals.

@jordanbpeterson Are you insinuating you're not a weak man? Bro, we have to save you from broccoli

@Breedlove22 @jordanbpeterson @saylor Is this just a wish or will this take place soon?

@Breedlove22 @jordanbpeterson @saylor A psychologist and engineer probably could break the internet.

@stairwayto3dom @benshapiro @jordanbpeterson call your elected Hamas representative in this district to stop terrorism