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gente a minha sobrinha nasceu ontem e quer ouvir party in the usa miley, demi e katy perry. que foi o que eu ouvi quando criança (???) se manque muito minha filha vá ouvir olivia rodrigo e ariana grande nos poupe

Not my roommate and I drinking and singing throwback Katy Perry in our living room

@Milo93404636 @ThetaUKX @Theta_Network @mitchliu @jieyilong @katyperry @w3Andrea @wes_levitt @KyleLaffey Theta reached top 10 at one stage, but it didn't last long enough to get the recognition it deserves, unfortunately. Next time will be different!

like my number one answer would probably be Firework, Katy Perry. but I can think of others. Fight Song, Rachel Platten. Roar... by Katy Perry. point is I can think of more than a dance/party song

Yall trying to bully the patriot into dying disappearing. Look what Would gave never surfaced had he said yes. Imagine if 1 of u had signed on the doted line. They want hus tears. Look at the tears there feeling. @katyperry @DollyParton @MarshaBlackburn @SenWarren @POTUS

@POTUS @AlvedaCKing @MarshaBlackburn @SenWarren @Katyperry @ABC. @Katy, Gang with the happy patriot, see what the dragon dosent want you to see. I'm talking hang with bowl have fun. Your fishing and cat hing carp, shrimp, she has u in the Wrong pond. The Gold us over here

Hay #ABC. I would not take orders from a dragon who can't even compete with victins if domestic Violence, who tried to kill her sob, gates him cause she failed. U see the damage she's done nation wide today @POTUS @AlvedaCKing @katyperry @SenWarren @MarshaBlackburn

#Fed Gov, evolved in cover up. Imagine the lack of head ache had they sent those checks, or imagine If PD SBI #FBI had locked up these Beggers, thieves, bank robbers as they are paid to do. @POTUS @katyperry @SenWarren @MarshaBlackburn @AlvedaCKing

Fox News, and other extremist in other media involved, Should be Ashamed of themselvs. They've been brought to the level of beggers, bank robbers, and they target retired Patriots. Cause they've always exploited them. @POTUS @SenWarren @katyperry @MarshaBlackburn

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personally EYE think this song is so underrated especially the ending with the guitar ughhh.…

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the original Katy Perry Skip the Dishes song is a banger

Maroon 5 is the Katy Perry of bands: pleasant workout or background music

You’re all telling me that pitchfork is not against Katy Perry when they tear her work down everytime they can

disco electro techno pop music now California Gurls - KATY PERRY on

Jen can help you get to the root cause of the issues in one session providing relief on all levels.… She has many sessions available to view too on youtube as well. Check out jenuine healing on youtube. @katyperry

The fact that katy perry’s songs rises without her speaking shows how she made actual hits, hits that aren’t defined by a position or sales, hits that ARE memorable and impactful

Now look at me I'm sparklin' A firework, a dancin' flame You won't ever put me out again I'm glowin' -Part of Me/Katy Perry

@przepoteznygej obie, katy perry, metallica🙏, nie wiem, ed sheeran, taylor swift

“Some pop stars spend their whole lives trying to put together a string of hits that amount to a lasting legacy; Katy Perry did it in the first 15 minutes.” -Pitchfork.

@rosalia Canción favorita de Katy Perry?

@FRANCBABY69 no it wasn’t too many words it was just funny to me i loved it

top 50 Katy songs with the most streaming currently on spotify

- Britney (chyba) - Katy Perry (wygrywa 1:0 w znanych mi bangerach) - Metallica - Kto? - Ed Sheeran (pamiętacie szkalowanie Biebera przed circa 10 laty?) - To są dwie różne osoby?…

I can tell you're obsessed, by your shortness of breath.