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#NowPlaying Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett - I Get A Kick Out Of You - I Get A Kick Out Of You

@chartdata Artists with the most #1 debuts in Hot 100 history: @/ArianaGrande 5 @BTS_twt 5 congratulations 👑👑 @/Drake 5 @/justinbieber 4 @/MariahCarey 3 @/taylorswift13 3 @/trvisXX 3 @/ladygaga 2 @/britneyspears 2 @/oliviarodrigo 2 @/youngthug 2

@engr_neil_ @slay_Taylord @sanju152000 12 times Grammy winner and Academy Award winner Lady Gaga >>> 11 times Grammy winner Toilet Shit

Lady Gaga and Adam Driver are ‘new blood’ in ‘House of Gucci’ teaser…

@ladygaga Don’t make a mockery of the holly spirit !!!

vivendo pra ver Al Pacino, Lady Gaga e Adam Driver no mesmo filme…

@ladygaga Omg super excited 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻🥳🥳🥳❤❤

@AdamAndyPod Oh my word!! Since it is over midnight here on the east coast, we are OFFICIALLY getting a SECOND full trailer for House of Gucci at some point today thanks to Lady Gaga hinting at something from her socials!!…

@SoyPonchito @kerriigan01 @AndrewRyHolder Bruh where do you think "lewk" comes from and which gays do you think are the ones dressing like "extras from the Muppets and Lady Gaga Thanksgiving special"

@chartdata @ArianaGrande @BTS_twt @Drake @justinbieber @MariahCarey @taylorswift13 @trvisXX @ladygaga @britneyspears @oliviarodrigo @youngthug Do yall think it's achievement for bts like other artists in the list it's the matter of money for them " mass buying"🙂