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@BwayGhostlight I scrolled through several and landed on it haha too funny.

Loved the collection; a riveting, insightful, and convicting look at life through @RuizSealey ‘s vulnerability about her experiences and relationships. This was my favorite stanza, from the poem, “Orange City.” #ThePeaceChronicles #BrosWhoRead…

This evening’s road trip buddy. His name is Sir Duke and he is to only be addressed as such.

@BroadwayCurtain Literally re-listened to y’all’s interview with her today in celebration!

@laurjbrown Kelly’s range and the less-is-more of this scene destroys!

I find either comfort or education in reading @BCDreyer . And though everyone’s process of grieving & mourning is different, I found both in this touching essay. Thank you for sharing, Benjamin. I’m sending you love & light in the upcoming first-withouts.…

I’m the Customer of the Week at my local Starbucks; let’s goooooooo! #SbuxBro #Undertow

While watching #CrimeSceneKitchen Ken, as a judge, giving a clue: “This dessert requires a delicate balance.” Me, having no baking experience: “Quick! What was Edward Albee’s favorite dessert?!”

@samsanders I have missed you. Glad you’ve had a great vacation!

You know that feeling you get when you receive a Drop Everything And Read book?! I do! It’s here! @RuizSealey #BrosWhoRead

@DrunkBroadway @marcgtheater @AyannaPrescod @BwayGhostlight Good god I typed “deserved” four times and it autocorrected to “deserves” every damn time. Thought I had finally gotten the correct tense in there. (Although to be fair they still deserve much better.)

@DrunkBroadway @marcgtheater @AyannaPrescod @BwayGhostlight That show was *brilliant,* and so damn entertaining, and I’m still furious with the way Rudin treated it. Everyone involved deserves so much better.

@Grregslist What was a lesson that flopped and how did you know it was a flop? Loved it!

@marcgtheater @AyannaPrescod @BwayGhostlight My thoughts exactly. It's such a disappointment we don't have that cast recording. F*ckin' R*din indeed.

@AyannaPrescod @BwayGhostlight Justice for Shuffle! It’s because the voters don’t have a cast recording for reference. F*ckin’ R*din...😒

@kevinddaly @akakarenwilson The rub is that in Matthew Perry’s bio for his off-B’way show, The End of Longing, he didn’t mention Friends in his bio at all!

FTR, I did not drink this. What scares me most is the “100% Natural” label. Like, WTF?! What goes into Mustard Soda for it to be 100% natural? If it wasn’t 100% natural what would the substitutes be?!

@mikerhoneTM It is purchased for you, and you have to have it all with, as the bottle says “...yer fixins’.”

Thus far, this is my favorite article of the year.…

@marcgtheater How much am I being paid? And do I have to drink all of it?