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@nocontextcfb Bijan is too nice. A bunch of kids asked for autographs as he was walking away and he came to to give them and take pics.

@SomthingC @nocontextcfb Our school believes in people. We see the grit they got and help them show the world who they are. 💥🔥💜 How bout them CATS!!

@nocontextcfb Finally wearing a color that nearly matches his skin color

@nocontextcfb Man. Every time they showed the crowd that game it was pure gold. Loved every second.

@nocontextcfb someone tag the account that compares sports pictures to paintings

@NolesSquad @goblueJBOS @nocontextcfb The Illini are gone so unfortunately all we can do is honor them. This was not published by the university

@nocontextcfb Lol he probably happy the basketball team losing

@nocontextcfb @tarullotweets Some things you just can’t unsee. This is that time

@nocontextcfb Would be cool to go back to that. 7 divisions of 10, 7 automatic bids and 1 at-large for playoffs. Everyone has 9 conference games and 3 NC games.

@ByGerrySullivan @nocontextcfb That's what you got out of this tweet? I feel sorry for you.

@5k0matic @nocontextcfb And your the only one that thinks that. Cry a little harder for me, would you?

@nocontextcfb To the tune of Elton John’s Honky Cat.

@AlexHossfeld @NolesSquad @goblueJBOS @nocontextcfb The closest thing we have is the Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma. Initially, the tribe was fine with the Chief, but then decided by a 4-3 council vote to recommend eliminating him after all of the arguments started.