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@5Rings14 @richsignorelli There’s a provision in the contract that as long as Muck can get financing, he has to buy it.

@richsignorelli He won’t. Like Garland. Control is everything to these people.

@richsignorelli @miamidecor It was a bad investment motivated by his ego and rich-co-investors.

@richsignorelli Why was he forced to buy it when he was backing out anyway? Could have all been avoided.

@richsignorelli I stand by my belief that Eelon bought Twitter with others on the far-right to undermine a platform the Left embraced, and, to further this end, was always fine with it collapsing under his ownership. That move would earn him eternal MAGA love.

Before Twitter is totally destroyed, Elmo should cede total control including ownership for the benefit of his co-investors/users/Tesla brand. Twitter can't survive as a rt wing only social media company. Eg, Parler, Truth.…

@richsignorelli It's taken too damn long. Garland wimping out, worrying about being partisan, has allowed mass brainwashing by criminal politicians prancing around as if they're totally innocent.

@richsignorelli Don't forget, the 2022 House election only went to Republicans because Democrats didn't kick co-conspirators out of Congress and a few bought co-conspirator judges allowed outright racial gerrymandering of elections. Title 18.242:…

@richsignorelli charges coming at all....agent orange and his cabal will remain free to crime, grime, grift, and continue their insurrection.....garland the traitor is passing like tom brady.....

@richsignorelli Agree. This, by far, is Trump’s most serious crime. I’m glad to see action being taken on the others but to me, Jan 6 was a treasonous act against our country and needs immediate action. He must be imprisoned so that he can inflict no more harm.

@richsignorelli Well, if James Comey had to decide, it sounds like he wouldn't be bringing ANY fed charges against the "suits" because intent is so very, very, very, very, very, very, very hard to prove.…

@richsignorelli Good luck with that, the big fish will all swim away just like before under Garlands watch.

@richsignorelli Yes. Documents? Of course of course But JAN FKing 6th FFS!

@richsignorelli And I still remember the Mueller report where Garland sat on ten obstruction charges to run out the statute of limitations and protect trump's freedom.

Lots of talk about looming fed charges for Trump's alleged theft/misuse of gov docs. I still remember 1/6 & his efforts at overthrowing our democracy to stay in power. He was aided & abetted by numerous advisors, sycophants, enablers & criminals. We need fed charges for 1/6 now.

@CREWcrew @richsignorelli He was 1000% the ringleader! He has blood all over the January 6th events. Before, during, and after!

@richsignorelli @gtconway3d Me either!! I sent it to everyone, I have never seen anything like this!! He LAID it on top of him! Incredible and hysterical!! 😂😂😂

@richsignorelli I love how he keeps checking to see if anyone sees him. 😍