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I wanted Chris Brown & Rihanna to have a dance off so bad when I was younger.

@PopcornSimu Olivia, Rihanna, Dua t Beyonce + Tony

@apathe_tic even rihanna is coming back 😭

Rihanna lied😭 lost cherry stank😭 tom ford snapped with the rest

@alvimgabriel3 não, foi uma coleção de peças da savage x fenty (marca de lingerie da rihanna, ela foi a modelo, provavelmente pela visibilidade agora com HOTD

Anywhore... Skin by Rihanna is the best song to listen to whenever I'm writing smut 👀👀👀

Rihanna I’m not kidding u better perform Disturbia IT HAS TO HAPPEN

Tugboats are so obsessed with Rihanna besting Beyoncé in everything lol. She’s all they care about. I don’t care if there are 20 other names being mentioned on a list, they will zone in on just Beyoncé and get their entire lives from Rihanna being above her. It’s so pathetic 🤣

this is a chef esther choi and rihanna fan account

Porra tu me coloca Taylor no mesmo patamar de Rihanna e Beyoncé tu quer me matar né…

Actrices: Whoopi Goldberg, Halle Berry, Regina King, Janet Hubert-Whitten, Raven... Actores: Eddie Murphy, Morgan Freeman, Will Smith... Series: El Príncipe de Bel-Air, Cosas de casa, Raven... Música: Rihanna, Beyoncé, Aretha Franklin, W. Houston...…

@yourfavesidol1 Can’t wait to see the update tomorrow @FentyStats STREAM DISTURBIA BY RIHANNA

Comeback de Rihanna e Lula anunciado no mesmo ano ! Scrr

@Normani Girl are you kidding me. You have to start your own clothing line. Pay who ever you need to pay to get the ball rolling. & simply call it Normani. Maybe a luxury version and a version for the common folk. Please be own your Rihanna billionaire sh*t. I wanna see another blk woman.

Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money (Lyrics)

@Samuel_Tlake @rihanna MM is just repetitive even though I love it a lot but LWT is on another level, the way that song makes me emotional

meu Deus cara nunca vou me cansar da voz da Ariana Grande nem da Rihanna nem da Adele

es que bisbal va a cantar con rihanna en la super bowl??

only boy in the world da rihanna eh a musica do ano!!!

@Navyridhel @rihanna And the fact that she made Mother Mary longer than love without tragedy hurts me😭

@ManiChartSource you're estimating too low... she'll be a guest for rihanna's super bowl so the next single will debut #1 for sure

Eu estava vendo o Spotify e vi que a Rihanna tem mais de 5 músicas pra pagar 1B no Spotify sem orrr

@Tip @Tip LIVE YOUR LIFE FT RIHANNA. Evergreen A Classic