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@jaurouh @taylorswift13 Sometimes memories have a way of lingering, like the scent of a familiar perfume.

@taylorswift13 (Verse 1) In a world of magic and enchanting spells, There's a witch named Taylor, casting her own spells, With a beauty that's ethereal, she captures the eye, Taylor, the enchantress, soaring high. (Pre-Chorus) Her powers are strong, her heart is pure, A witch so……

@deathbyts Qué es una deuda cuando vimos a la mismísima @taylorswift13 en vivo

@thatnerdemryn @taylorswift13 THESE ARE SO CUTE. I'm going to have to get them all because I can't pick a favorite 🤣😅🎄

Okay what if Taylor just posts the matching sweaters @taylorswift13 PLEASE

we ordered in September- item shipped 10/26. TSOnline says “location unknown” for over a month and UPS tracking shows no movement. emailed TWELVE TIMES. no response. not like it used to be- can’t believe @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 doesn’t fix this. never ordering again

@_MONEYKICKS @taylorswift13 Taylor Swift's ability to continuously reinvent herself and dominate the music industry is a testament to her unparalleled talent and business acumen.

Giving thanks to @taylorswift13 for all the music. This year I couldn't stop listening to Anti-Hero. #SpotifyWrapped…

@CIAS03 @talkofthecharts @taylorswift13 I’m aware of that I know how it works 😂 but it’s still insane that her music career is grossing these numbers she could retire with the money made from just Spotify in 1 year

@huntvoth @taylorswift13 @VictoriaBor22 Always great when I can toss a Tswift reference in my highlights 😂