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Hola.. No he estado muy activo en twt últimamente. No tengo ganas de publicar, me retiro un tiempo pequeñito, tal vez luego vuelva o deje twitter para siempre. Los quiero mucho, chau! 💗

Literally watching twitter not register my retweets and likes, fix this horrible app man omg.

@leonciomarines @SaVanessCa Y ella entra a Twitter X a desquitarse de todos los vejámenes que recibe por parte del chirrete…

@GayAsInLesbian @hoosiermomlove @BeatTheCult You literally are and you never stop talking about it. Your entire Twitter handle is a public display of your degeneracy, for example.

@jembermfs Ke Allah nder kl pengen nulis paling sama twitter, tapi seringnya ya Allah ya Allah sambil nangis sampe ketiduran😭

@whstancil Does Chris Hayes have multiple segments on the negative vibes about the economy if not talked about on twitter?

Eu entendo o ódio por segurança e sla oq, quando tem comerciante vendendo coisa e chega segurança eu morro de dó, mas o twitter é chato pra crlh tbm

Twitter X really doesn't do anything about impersonations. Reported 10 accounts over 3 weeks ago and they're all still here.

twitter est vraiment la seule appli qui peut me faire exploser de rire en public 😭😭😭😭😭🤚🏾

why i can't receive any notice from twitter 😑

@MiguelUribeT Pero si ustedes en congreso se salen, no saben debatir, no tienen datos basados en hipótesis concretas. Usan solo el lenguaje del miedo, infunden mentiras por WhatsApp , Facebook , tiktok y Twitter para poner un poco de hampones bodegas a generar conflictos.

Y’all be showing yall lil freaky side on twitter um not complaining doe😂😂

Prueba twitter texto iteracion 1 2023-12-08 14:03:23

@sardesairajdeep Could you pass your login credentials? Don't need the bank or work ones. Twitter be just fine.

@coreydillon_28 Welcome to twitter my dude! One of my all-time favorites and Bengals legend 💯…

@eriipomme I may not know football, but I know enough to say that this tweet is the 2022 World Cup final of twitter

@GnasherJew Yes, i was amazed he was able to send his 'final poem' to twitter from beyond the grave...

I just published A Practical Example of The Depth Tracking Software is Going To Right Now I'll pull Twitter's score on a minute.

@DanielMervin23 Sir this is twitter that level of nuance just cannot exist here. It’s only outrage!

[081223] EVNNE Twitter (X) Güncellemesi “Merhaba ENNVE 👋🏻 Ben Yunseo☀️ Bugün sizlere Japonya'ya gittiğimde yediğim yemeklerin resimlerini gösteriyorum! Nasıl? Lezzetli, değil mi? Bugün de Fighting🔥” #EVNNE #이븐 #YUNSEO

it’s so sad to see how twitter trying to ruin the album just because it’s outdoing their faves… positivity comes back babe #PinkFriday2

If yall didn't verify your acct, I can't DM you and you can't dm me (per Twitter). I can tweet yall when it's yall turn but my dms flooded 😮‍💨

Anyway time to plug my policy that Twitter is only for fun and if I ever make fun of you and you aren’t ok with it I’ll delete the thread no questions asked! I’ve done it before! Nothing is that serious here!

Sur Twitter y’a trop de dinguerie qui traîne. Je viens de voir un mec perdre sa cheville 😪