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@BoxOMoxy Yes we did! It may have been pear and gargonzola, but it was delish!

@weston_tina I’m excited! Didn’t we have a pear and blue cheese something in Sedona?

@PubliclyBuzzed Haven't seen that in many years, I'll put that on my watch list!

@HelloSpring2016 @tryinsmilin Absolutely Kim! Love you too, grab our hands and we can do this together!❤️

I've been so behind this cause! I'm overjoyed that they no longer have prisoners who can't defend themselves.…

@weston_tina @tryinsmilin Can I get in on that?? Love you both and I know you are definitely not alone! I’m sorry you’re struggling too. 💔 ❤️🫶❤️

@tryinsmilin Dang girl, hang on! I think we're on the same ride🥺I'll hold your hand and we can do this together ❤️

@weston_tina SOOO GOOD! I always tell ppl Blue Velvet is a perfect movie to watch to get the Lynch vibe before starting Twin Peaks. Mine is Wild at Heart.

@ThePascalShow Oh my God! Pascal!!! It's wonderful 💜💜💜💜💜💜

@weston_tina Oh man! That's awesome! I love it so much. David Lynch is my fav

@PubliclyBuzzed It's one of my all-time favorite shows! A lot of it was filmed in North Bend Washington, very near where I grew up. David Lynch is a master!

@weston_tina You are going through so much. I'm so so sorry. I'm glad you shared everything. I hope we can all do this more regularly. I'm guessing a lot of us are not ok. Watching a loved one decline is devastating and exhausting. I send you strength and compassion. And love to your dad ❤️

@ShanieJones4 Thank you! I've been in medicine for years but it's always good to hear new ideas.

@ShanieJones4 I sure can relate to that my friend, perhaps more than you know. Huge hugs 🫂 It sucks💜

I'm kind of dying trying to help her, but giving up so much of my time, myself, in being they for her. I have NO TIME for myself. It's so hard, and I see my Dad dying in front of my eyes to be there for the love of his life!" She is his world 🌎 and at 85, I want him 2B happy❤️

@weston_tina I used to be a CNA. Making sure they are dressed properly, face washed, teeth brushed, and face kept clean when eating. Lots of touch & keeping them warm seems to really give them comfort. I hope this helps! ❤️❤️❤️

@tbrink1265 Tammy, this is such a hard divide between our parents and our children!¡ I get it💜

What do we do to keep her dignity and full respect without giving up our ability to help?

@weston_tina Sorry Tina. I know it’s a struggle. 🥹

@weston_tina I admit I’m not doing great. I am now an empty nester taking care of my mom and my son’s dad who both are heading into dementia and it’s frustrating. I will make it tho and take trips to see my girls. My son is home on weekends from college so that helps.

My Mom has Alzheimers; she recently broke her ankle. We are at a rehab but it's going to be a long time before, if ever, she goes home.

If we're honest, how many of us are really doing great? I challenge you to be honest. What are you struggling with right now ? Let's let each other off the hook and be real.. How are you REALLY doing right now? I'll go first;