thank you guys so much for joining the watch party-loved seeing all of your reactions!! 🥰 #HotelTransylvania

@selenagomez i am watching it with my little sister and we just made these 🥺🥺 we love you so much!!! 💗 #HotelTransylvania

@selenagomez I didn't get a notice 🥲💗 i still love you tho 🥰

@seltimmy @selenagomez Sério????? Ficou tão incrível e fofinhos aaaaaaaaaa parabéns 🥰

@selenagomez Thank YOU for Hotel Transylvania ❤️ A decade of laughters and fun. Gonna miss this! #HotelTransylvania

@selenagomez loved the movie so much!! so so surreal how i was 9 when the first movie came out and now im 18 🥲 #HotelTransylvania

@selenagomez after watching, I rate this film very high ❤️‍🔥🦇🍿 #HotelTransylvania  I'm so happy to have known it in my life! thanks for letting me to join in @HotelT watch party today! 🌟💯 @selenagomez @SelenaFanClub