@nocontextfooty This must be investigated! What if he hid a performance enhancing drug there ..

@Chief_deOne @nocontextfooty They do random drugs tests during the season so if nothing pops up with that then is he doing anything wrong?

@lachojski @nocontextfooty Which is why we all deserve to know what went wrong this time around !

@Chief_deOne @lachojski @nocontextfooty Probably has gum that he hid there b4 the game🤷🏾‍♂️

@kobe_meriez @Chief_deOne @lachojski @nocontextfooty Only a narcissist like Ronaldo would chew gum hidden in his sweaty ball sacks. You may be right

@simunic_ante @Chief_deOne @lachojski @nocontextfooty The pants probably has inside pockets that's where he put the gum🤷🏾‍♂️Its not rocket science lol

@kobe_meriez @Chief_deOne @lachojski @nocontextfooty Pants and Inside pockets for gum in football. What science do yo know that we don’t know. Lol