It costs almost $2500 to publish a paper in @PLOSNTDs (even though we write and peer review for free). And what do we get in return? Images like these. And please, PLOS, don't wait six years to retract papers like this. This is a five-second decision.

@MicrobiomDigest @PLOSNTDs What does it really cost to maintain a journal? Given that PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases was kickstarted by a grant, is run by a non-profit and focusses on an area where there is by definition limited investment (and research competes with intervention) is 2500$ appropriate?

@machajo @MicrobiomDigest @PLOSNTDs Thanks, great article on the subject. The Public Library of Science running PLOS NTD is a non-profit though, as is e.g. eLife, charging 3000$ APC. All science publishing should be non-profit, no room for Elsevier or Springer, but that doesn’t seem sufficient for low APCs.