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Brust of flavours just in one bite...I can feel heaven just by biting on them 💜Jin must try " doi phuchka " in india @BTS_twt HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIN 💜🙌🏻

@AvikKoBhulGaye Hae corona te toh amar maa baba amake phuchka kinte debe, mamabarir abdaar

Mostly "Phuchka" in bengali🤭 But in hindi, I mostly call it Pani puri…

@SGanguly99 As you are a Phuchka Lover , requesting you to visit #hellowaterballs once to enjoy delectable taste of delicious Phuchkas !!! Location : #panipurilover #panipuri #golgappa #phuchka #foodlover #foodlovers #foodies #FoodieFriday #SaturdayVibes

India’s rich #culinary heritage is reflected in its street food as well. It is chaat in Delhi, vada pav in #Maharashtra, phuchka & rolls in #WestBengal and dahi vada with aloo dum in #Odisha. #Kashmir too has an interesting street food repertoire. A #thread on its #streetfood:

@miss_frivolous_ i play with kids and bribe them with phuchka and pastries 😭😭😭 everyone near my age in the para are super boring and they dont play. We should have been neighbours 😭😭

My favourite Phuchka wala is missing for weeks, probably serving paanipuri in some marriage halls. 😠

@madhurjyaspeaks @0jasds @f2000560 There’s a chaat wala opposite Gangaur Sweets (on Russel street) - their phuchka is amazing and also buy some Chana chur and muri masala to take home.

@Ridzupie Phuchka nhi bolte bengal me ??

@ridzsups yessss! no one can beat us on Phuchka of Kolkata.. bangalir Sentiment🥰😅😅

@_geetisha What. Nii to... Panipuri golgappe batashe phuchka are same 😶

@ranendra_ojha @priyashmita @Sushovan1409 First of all I do not agree with you at all. Bengali’s are very much open minded. #casteism is much less here Better read some History @ranendra_ojha and I do not want to do any argument about just a ‘phuchka’ You are in cocoon Not Bengali’s #Bengali #Bongs

@anektoholo bleddy vegans! we need to start making phuchka/ golgappa/panipuri with chicken or fish or mangsho stuffing instead of the alu/ghugni stuffing. prawn stuffed phuchka sound good!

@anektoholo The phuchka's made in my house make these considerations very distant!

@ridzsups Phuchka is actually Bihari. Have you noticed nearly all the Phuchka walas in kolkata are Biharis. They have brought their native savoury delight to satiate the palate of Bengalis. 😐😐😐😐

#bongs #phuchka Bongs phuchka and their generations of deep relationship #Bengali…

I got back half lost. Thank you @paraga, will treat you Phuchka and Misti Doi on your next visit .

@Reineguerrieree @bidishapsgs @bideepbanerjee @kaushkaus @ignisfatuus1110 @Sujataganguly13 Ami ki korlam 🤦‍♂️🙄🙄- Non veg phuchka banachhe ar lokera khachhe ar sob dosh amar 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙄🙄

@ignisfatuus1110 @bidishapsgs @Reineguerrieree @bideepbanerjee @kaushkaus @Sujataganguly13 I never had it but its being sold - even prawn phuchka & Fish bhuna phuchka

@Reineguerrieree @bideepbanerjee @bidishapsgs @kaushkaus @ignisfatuus1110 @Sujataganguly13 Chicken Phuchka is also available nowadays - at least i have seen it 2 years back - so in Kolkata you hv the option to hv Non veg phuchka also 👍😎😁😁

Benefits of phuchka (panipuri)...🤣🤣 so testy pani puri #DishaPatani #VickyKatrinaWedding #BeastFirstSingle #TejasswiPrakash Tamil Lav Agarwal Katrina Kaif #MATIC #EnnaSollaPogirai #Sidus #Sidus #StocksToBuy Emmanuel Macron #SKZ_1stDAAAESANG #ViratKohli Hardik Pandya ODIs

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