Joe Rogan has completely disrupted the legacy media.

That's because he doesn't lie. Or talk down to his audience. Or manipulate for his own narrow advantage. Go @joerogan. See you in three weeks in Austin.…

@jordanbpeterson @joerogan He doesn’t lie? I still remember his rant about how the US was the first country with democracy or “freedom,” how asking for masks was the first time anyone had been restricted in the Us, and how it would lead to dictatorship. Each part of that is a lie

@tales_tomorrow @jordanbpeterson @joerogan Its pretty much leading to dictatorship. The federal government is trying to gain control of private businesses through OSHA fines, expanding the IRS to monitor your transactions, and trying to mandate papers to eat at a restaurant. Sound familiar to the rise of the 3rd Reich?

@jarock89 @jordanbpeterson @joerogan No, and if it does to you, you need a history lesson and to stop believing propaganda. It is not the same at all.

@tales_tomorrow @jarock89 @jordanbpeterson @joerogan That's hilary Clinton, and.. u would have been supporting the arm band my friend

@SpudLakeCapital @jarock89 @jordanbpeterson @joerogan That’s not Clinton, it’s Marjorie Taylor Greene. Not every female is the same. And no, the “arm band supporters” are the ones cheering for Trump because they think their side needs to win regardless of facts, no matter who dies along the way. Holy shit that was a stupid comment

@SpudLakeCapital @jarock89 @jordanbpeterson @joerogan Did you lose track and accidentally switch sides after calling her a Nazi?

@tales_tomorrow @SpudLakeCapital @jordanbpeterson @joerogan I love how residents from another country who elected a guy that wore blackface tries to lecture Americans on their politics all while depending on America to exist.

@jarock89 @SpudLakeCapital @jordanbpeterson @joerogan You again? Back with the pointless comments and dumb accusations? Helpful hint: don’t try to lecture people on politics then accuse them of lecturing you when they ignore you. It exposes your hypocrisy

@jarock89 @SpudLakeCapital @jordanbpeterson @joerogan Lol! Nice projection - constantly comes back to post on another’s comments, whining and crying because they have different opinions and pointed out flaws with your hero - insists that no, OTHER PEOPLE are “Karens” “worrying about it other people.” You are unintentionally funny