On the Billboard 200 chart, @taylorswift13’s 'Evermore' is back at No. 1 blbrd.cm/tpyHa5N

This one hit me hard. I’m so in my feelings (more so than usual!) over what you all did here for evermore. Blown away by how much you care, and how long we’ve been caring about each other. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Love you, so very much. twitter.com/billboard/stat…

@taylorswift13 Congratulations Taylor 🥰 The #evermorealbum is as incredible as you are! I'm getting my signed copy soon and I'm so excited 📫 Evermore is my favorite album (especially love track 7) and I'm so proud of you and your collaborators for creating something so magical ✨

@taylorswift13 hey taylor i recently finished my 2nd year of college 🥺 long story short I survived 🥺 i couldn't have done it without the two sisters. i love you so much #TaylorSwift #evermorealbum https://t.co/TkOAOjLnDS