When @aaron_dessner came into my life, I was ushered into his world of free-flowing creativity where you don’t overthink, you just make music. A song we wrote for his project @BRMadjv (which also features ⚡️Justin Vernon✨) is out! It’s called Renegade. bigredmachine.jagjag.co/renegade

@taylorswift13 @aaron_dessner @BRMadjv A true masterpiece! THE FOLKLORIANS HAVE DONE IT AGAIN 🎶♥️

@taylorswift13 @aaron_dessner @BRMadjv SHOUTOUT TO ALL MY DEPRESSED BITCHES OUT THERE get your shit together so i can love you 😩😩

@taylorswift13 @aaron_dessner @BRMadjv the lyrics, the production, your vocals LITERALLY EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SONG IS A MASTERPIECE AND PERFECTION !! will be on repeat forever <3

@taylorswift13 @aaron_dessner @BRMadjv My favorite music genre is anything you guys you put out! This shit is SO SO GOOD!