Last Friday was a dream but today is a fairytale! Signed #FearlessTaylorsVersion CDs are now available for 72 HOURS, while supplies last! Get yours at ✍️💽

It’s true, I signed them all and it’s also true that I may never write the same again, as my hand is now frozen in the permanent shape of a claw. All for you 😘…

@taylorswift13 😂😂😂 i was worried because I got the signed folklore and it didn’t really look like your signature 😢take care 💕💕

@taylorswift13 Thank you sooo much 💛💛 but maybe you should hold the pencil differently - I’ve never seen someone write as weird as you, no offense, bestie 😘

@taylorswift13 hi taylor if ur ever lurking i wanna tell u how much i appreciate u!! ur words of advice and messages have taught me so much, ty for helping me learn important lessons & for being the best person to look up to, i couldn’t ask for anyone better, i love you more than you know. 💗💗