New video of @HogwartsLegacy is up! Exploring the Hogsmeade town area in this one. Play Hogwarts Legacy today using my link: Thanks Warner Brothers Games for Sponsoring this! #HogwartsLegacySponsored

@thaRadBrad @HogwartsLegacy DONT BE EVIL BRAD!! Resist the temptation to avada kedavra students 😂

@thaRadBrad @HogwartsLegacy Your content is the best ! U beat the others away ..finally got my game today !! . Ravenclaw !! .

@thaRadBrad @HogwartsLegacy Hey Brad. Not sure if you feel like you were in a corner with the sponsorship and everything but I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed in your level of support and promotion for this game. It has antisemitic themes and the author of the books is a raging transphobe.