When meech told B Mickie he loved him but he can’t never come around him & he don’t trust him I felt that shit & I understood ! You could love someone so much but you just know you have to love them from a distance because they can’t be trusted ! Loyalty can’t be compromised.

once a snake always a snake. once you fold under pressure ain’t no telling what you would do under pressure .

@theerealmayk Oh my girl got a hit wit dis one 😭

@__Daffodil Lmao Chile and they won’t let it die down

@theerealmayk facts b mickie loyalty shoulda stayed with meech, his bm switched on all of them then b turned around n thought about switching on meech too, he only did what he did because he seen meech was still tryna put him on.

@theerealmayk I’m just glad we didn’t see B Mickie get unalived. Y’all think they’re done with Lamar?

@theerealmayk @nniyaa_ But he ain’t even snitch though 🫤 so now he got motive to just be like fuck it.

@theerealmayk @K33pL3ah but he didn’t snitch nîgga out his life on the line and still didn’t say shit when the lady came and he didn’t even wanna hear him out .. lost his mama and got kidnapped for that nîgga meech was a heaux